February 17, 2003

Trees vs. Highway

VTA is finally at work redoing the 85/101 interchange in Mountain View. Regular commuters of these highways know that this is one of the worst interchanges you can find. Traffic regularly backs up for over a mile on 101 south and 85 N as drivers try to merge from one highway to another.

The Microsoft campus where I work is right next to Highway 101, separated by only a hundred feet or so and a row of trees. If you were behind the campus, you could almost forget that you were right next to a major highway. Well, if you closed your ears, maybe. Or were inside.

No more. Because of the new construction, all the trees have been cut down to make room for the new ramps. There are HUGE piles of trees in stacks along side the highway. Now, sitting in the cafeteria, you can look out and see ... cars whizzing by. And when they build the new ramps, the cars will only get closer.

Ah well. It's still good that they're doing it, because the interchange desperately needs the work. But ... I still miss the trees.

Posted by Mike at February 17, 2003 01:25 PM