October 15, 2002

still sick!

Okay, readers, this is getting ridiculous. I am now on Fever Day #4. Because the fever and headache are my only symptoms, I have continued to teach. (Also, because California has no money, there is no longer any money to pay substitutes). I did cancel Owen's and Ellery's piano lesson this afternoon -- I figured there's a big difference between standing behind a podium and sitting next to an 8-year-old, repositioning their hands.

But what to do? I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. I'm hoping it's not some kind of mutant infection. In the meantime, my only joy continues to be the ear thermometer. I love it so much. It is so fast. It is so fun. I will write it an ode:


Ear thermometer,
O ear thermometer,
You are so fast,
You have so many cute blue buttons
When I hold you in my hand
You beep and beep
When I hold you in my ear
You confirm my every fear
Ear thermometer

Posted by Meredith at October 15, 2002 09:59 AM
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