October 13, 2002


I am sick.

I think I have the flu. I am achy all over (especially my ribcage), I have no energy to even stack the dishes, and my temperature is consistently one to four degrees above normal. I am chugging Vitamin-C fortified apple juice (not that it helps for flu) and watching Mike do the same with pee-flavored Gatorade. (I think it's supposed to be lemon-lime, but it sure looks like pee to me). If the new ear thermometer says I still have a fever tomorrow, I will call in sick to works. I fear the wrath of power-hungry admins may prevent them from putting a sign on my classroom door saying my class has been cancelled.

The ear thermometer is very cool, though.

I have never watched so much bad TV in my life. If you have ideas of low-energy flu activities, send them in. This sedentary thing is still sort of new for me. . .

Posted by Meredith at October 13, 2002 10:09 PM

Dumb movies.

Dumb action movies.

Really dumb action movies.

Jerry Bruckheimer movies.

Posted by: russell on October 13, 2002 11:15 PM
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