February 16, 2007

Moving Day at Zune Central

Today was work from home day, because everyone in the Zune building is moving offices. They finally finished remodeling the upstairs a few weeks ago, so now the giant shuffle happens. You'd think I'd be used to this moving thing by now. In the last year...

  1. Move from California to Redmond (March 2006)
  2. Move to the first (temporary) Zune building. My 'office' was a section in a row of tables pushed against a wall in a conference room (April 2006). Since this isn't an official office move -- my 'official' office is still back in Building 50 -- I get to move myself.
  3. Find out on a Friday morning that that Facilities has decided that they are going to start heavy remodeling of the area we're squatting in as of Monday morning. We all move ourselves down to the other end of the building. The 'office' is a common space with, again, a bunch of tables. At least we looked out onto a field and a bunch of trees.
  4. A month or so later, back to my office in Building 50.
  5. A week later, find out that I have to move offices again. Down the hall. I'm sure there's a good reason, although it escapes me at the time. And now.
  6. Around October or November, move into the new Zune building. At least Facilities moved my stuff this time.
  7. Today, move again.

It hasn't always been this ridiculous. But the last year has been absurd.

Posted by Mike at 11:00 PM