September 03, 2008

The RNC is getting serious

Headline from MSNBC as seen on my mobile phone browser earlier tonight:

Giuliani launches attack on Obama
Women, children among as many as 20 reported dead in cross-border raid.

Or maybe MSNBC had a problem with getting the wrong sub header under the main headline.

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September 08, 2008


Friday, Adam sat unassisted for the first time. He can't get into a sitting position by himself, but if you set him down, he can usually sit up OK for a little bit. Unless he's tired, in which case his inner gyroscope fails.

We took the boys to see the Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Baily circus on Saturday. Adam napped for part of it, then woke up in time to see the trapeze acts and LOVED it. I wouldn't have guessed he'd really be that aware of it, but he had a blast. Nathan's favorite part appears to have been the toy sword we bought him afterwards.

Adam has outgrown (in height) his infant car seat. So yesterday we converted Nathan's car seat / booster seat from my car into a booster, and Nathan's convertible car seat from Meredith's back into a rear-facing seat for Adam. We're sad to lose the infant seat, mostly because, since Adam can't really sit reliably, not being able to pick up his car seat out of the car means that doing things like riding in shopping carts or sitting in restaurants / church / wherever is a lot harder.

Nathan also appears to be in a growth spurt of some kind. One day last week, he came downstairs in the morning, ate three pieces of toast (usually getting him to eat one first thing is a stretch), then asked if it was snack time yet. He continued to just inhale food the rest of the day.

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September 09, 2008

His ego is just fine

Nathan, tonight: "At the circus, all of the people there that were girls thought I was their boyfriend. But they were wrong." Followed by much 3-year-old laughter at the thought.

Like all great Nathanisms, this came completely out of the blue.

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September 22, 2008


Nathan: "I think Adam loves predators."

Me: "Does he?"

Nathan: "Yes. Because he loves Pippin, and Pippin is a predator. So Adam loves predators."

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