June 05, 2008

Moments with Nathan

In the car, with Nathan and Adam in the back seat, right after I drive over a speed bump.

Nathan: "Adam doesn't like bumps." (turning to Adam to comfort him) "It's OK, Adam."


Nathan, back to me: "He doesn't like bumps because he thinks they are little monsters creeping along on the road."


Related from Meredith:

Nathan: "Mama, the whole world is shaking with joy."

ten second pause

Nathan: "Mama, when are you going to die?"


Nathan: "I'm trying to figure out how to open this."

Me: "Open what?"

Nathan: "This" (holds up a tampon that he has found somewhere and unwrapped from its package)

Me: "Nathan, that isn't for you." (taking it away)

Nathan: "Who's it for?"

Me: "It's for Mama."

Nathan: "But what it help Mama do?"

Me: "Hmm ... you'll have to ask her."


The other night, Meredith had left with a migraine to try to get some sleep in the other room. Then Nathan crawled into bed with Adam and me. Adam awoke at about 4 AM, and I stumbled into the bathroom to make up a bottle. As I left, Adam started to wail louder and louder.

I went back in to find Nathan having rolled over right next to Adam, with one hand up on Adam's chest, whispering to him, "It's OK, Adam. It's OK".

Nathan's eyes weren't even open. He was barely awake at all.

He's a good brother.

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