October 28, 2008

This one actually didn't have to happen eventually, but it did anyway

Meredith called me at work today to say that Adam had evidently swallowed a toothpick. Or something like a toothpick. Evidently she picked him up for a change and saw something that looked wooden and about an inch and a half in the back of his mouth. She couldn't get it out, and it disappeared, seeming to suggest that he had swallowed it.

On the advice of our doctor's office, Adam went into the ER, where I met them. They did a chest X-ray, but it didn't pick anything up, which they seemed unsurprised by for something wooden. The doctor talked to the GI doctor on call at Children's to decide whether or not they should put a camera down his throat, but they decided not to now. Eventually we were discharged with instructions to give him an all liquid diet for 24 hours and take him to the doctor tomorrow to get checked on.

He seems basically fine. If you didn't know he'd swallowed something, you wouldn't guess it from the way he was acting.


Posted by Mike at October 28, 2008 11:57 PM