March 26, 2007

Bad news for Dads

"In the study, child care was defined as care by anyone other than the child's mother who was regularly scheduled for at least 10 hours per week." (from an MSNBC article on a study of day care)

So if I stayed at home full time to take care of Nathan, that would count as him being in day care.

Posted by Mike at March 26, 2007 01:38 PM

Ohhhhh Grandma would have a field day with that one. She told me she'd tan my hide if I ever referred to it as "babysitting" when Mike has Hank. Also, for the record, the headlines on Yahoo are:

1. Few effects of poor day care last past age 11 (Reuters)
2. Study links child care to poor behavior (AP)

So if you stay home with Nathan, you could make him suffer, but only till he's 11.

Posted by: Erin on March 26, 2007 02:08 PM