June 29, 2003

New ring

About a year ago, I wrote about developing an allergy to my wedding ring. The allergy continued to get worse over time, and eventually reached the point where I could not wear the ring for even a couple of hours without my finger breaking out into a rash and swelling up.

For my birthday this year, Meredith gave me a card that promised a new wedding band. It took us a long time to get around to getting it, but we finally did, and picked it up earlier this week. The new ring is platinum, which shouldn't trigger any allergic reactions.

So this morning, in church, Pastor Maggie gave a blessing for the new ring. Maggie said that was a first for her ;)

It's good to be able to wear a wedding ring again.

Posted by Mike at June 29, 2003 09:44 PM

I am (all of a sudden after 2.5 years) a similar reaction to my ring- which is platinum. I'm wondering if your new platinum band has since given you any grief? If so, I am at a total loss.

Posted by: Francesca on February 3, 2004 04:17 PM

No, I'm happy to say that my ring has been great -- I haven't had any problems with it at all in the seven months I've been wearing it.

Posted by: Mike on February 3, 2004 05:39 PM

I am also having a problem with my platinum rings. I've had my engagement ring which is platinum for almost 2 years now, wore it all the time, even to bed and just got married last august and wore it with my wedding band up until about a month ago. All of a sudden I got the rash under the ring, so I figured I would just leave it off for a week. I did, it healed up and I started wearing it again and after a day or two of wearing it, the rash came back. I did this a few times before I started wearing the rings on my right hand instead, and now I am starting to get a rash on that finger too! I'm so upset, I really love my rings. They are both platinum too. :(

Posted by: Andrea on May 18, 2004 07:34 PM

I have been trying to figure out why I am getting this rash around my finger also. I wore my ring for three years before the rash first appeared. I would let my finger heal and then try it again after cleaning the ring well, but it was no remedy. The rash kept and keeps on appearing anytime I wear the ring for more than a few hours. Have any of you found a reason or cause of this? I can't believe that I am allergic to the ring since I wore it for so long prior.

Posted by: Aileen Palacios on June 10, 2004 07:35 AM

I have the same issue and have for the past few years. I, too, have platinum rings. I wore my engagement ring and wedding band which is channel set, for over 3 years. Then, the rash appeared. It gets so bad, that I itch and itch, and then it gets like a cut! Then, it will go away once I use neosporin for a few days or a cortisone cream I got from the dermatologist. Then, I wear them again, and the same thing happens. It's awful. I LOVE my rings, and have been to the dermatologist who suggests at this point I just not wear them for a time to see what happens. I think I need to go to an allergist. I have been to numerous jewelers who suggest putting clear nailpolish on the inside, but that wears off in a day or less! Other than that, I have not heard of any other metal with less nickel than platinum...I think I need to do more research.

Posted by: mela on June 12, 2004 04:08 PM

I was just wondering if any of you have had the rash only on one part of your finger...not all the way around? My rash is strangly just on the right side under the ring of my ring finger. Also for MELA, how about titanium? Does that have a lot of nikel?

Posted by: Lynette on July 8, 2004 02:08 PM

I am just now developing a rash under my platinum wedding band and engagement ring. It is the same type as one I developed years ago from a gold ring. That rash would come and go, but I came to the conclusion that I was getting water under the ring which was setting on my skin and causing it to break out. Both of these rings have stones which are set into the rings with open area under the stones towards my finger. I certainly hope this goes away.

Posted by: Rachel on August 20, 2004 12:35 PM

Lynette- I am having the same thing happen. I wore my platnium engagement ring for 9 months with no problem. 3 months after I got married I am having a bad reaction to my wedding band (white gold). It is only on the right side under the ring. It isn't itching at all, but it is red and the skin is flaky. I don't know what to do short of getting a new platinum band. The one I have in gold would cost almost as much as my engagement ring if i were to get it in platinum.

Posted by: Sharon on August 27, 2004 08:13 AM

I'm confused! I have the same problem with my white gold rings. My doc said it was excema & really won't go away completely. My husband & I were thinking of replacing w/ platinum also. Sounds like that won't make a difference. He isn't having problems, just me. I'm thinking if I go up 1/2 size & let more air between ring & finger maybe that would help. Before we do any other suggestions ?!

Posted by: Mylene on September 21, 2004 09:13 AM

I've also just broken out in a red rash that flakes after wearing my platinum engagemeng ring for 2 years and platinum wedding band for 1 1/2 years - moved them to my right hand with the same results - I've never had an allergy before in my life - what's a gal to do? I waited years to meet my Prince Charming - and now can't wear my rings....what a cruel turn of events. If anyone has any ideas other than painting clear nail polish on them - I'm open to suggestions.

Posted by: Lou Anne on September 22, 2004 03:08 PM

This has happened to me in the past few weeks. I have been wearing my white gold wedding band for 2 years today (10/12/04) :-) However, its so upsetting to have this rash underneath. I blamed it on cleaning the tub, but its still there. I am suffering with it today, but its becoming a problem. I have a cheap silver band that doesn't bother me and i have always worn a ring on that finger, this is the first white gold one, my engagement ring is platinum but i haven't worn it in about 3 months because of the prongs loose. i need help too!

Posted by: Jennifer on October 12, 2004 06:49 AM

I have found a cure for my "ring Rash" !!! I was put on Rx antihistamine for sinus headaches. I take it twice a day . Not only are my headaches gone, but I have been wearing my rings for 3 weeks- nonstop, NO RASH!! My doctor gave me R-TANNA(generic). I'm guessing ant antihistamine taken daily would do. Good Luck!!

Posted by: Mylene on October 20, 2004 08:07 AM

Wow! I can't believe that I'm not the only one having this problem! I thought it was because I was gaining a little weight - but my Dr. said that it was because water is getting trapped under my ring and causing a blister. I have applied the creme, it goes away, and then a week later it reappears. I, too, have thought about "upgrading" to Platinum (it's currently yellow gold.) Sounds like I have more research to do. Gosh,this is really frustrating.

Posted by: Lorri on November 22, 2004 07:17 PM

I am relieved to hear that others are having the same problem as me. I have been wearing my platinum engagement ring for over 3 years and my platinum wedding ring for over 2 years and in the last couple of months I seem to have developed an allergy which I can only liken to what I have seen of exczema. I thought it was some new cleaning product with bleach that I was using and have since stopped using this but it has just got worse. Like the rest of you it clears up after a few days of leaving the rings off but comes back as soon as I wear them again, it also happens if I wear them on another finger. I too love my rings and I'm really upset that I can't wear them. I'd be grateful for any more suggestions!

Posted by: Karen on December 2, 2004 02:59 AM

I have the same problem with platinum rings that I wore for four years with no problem and all of a sudden the rash (like you all have described) appeared. I have thought about this for weeks, and the only thing I did differently just before the rash appeared was to take a shortcut in cleaning my rings. I sprayed cleaner on them while I was wearing them, and used a soft brush to clean the diamonds. I am thinking that when I washed my hands, some of the cleaner may have remained, either on the skin or inside the ring where the opening behind the stones is. But still, cortisone,and everything I have tried doesn't work.I have soaked my rings in plain water with a little mild soap for days and have cleaned them without chemicals...nothing works. It is as if my ring finger has been permanently burned but only on the top. It is swollen. If I try to put on any ring, it breaks out in tiny blisters. HElp!

Posted by: Catherine on December 7, 2004 04:44 AM

I find it funny that we are all here for the same reason. Ring Rash! Searching the Net. Looking for answers, and grabbing straws. Not many answers here, but it was nice to know that we are all in the same boat. If everyone looks back at when it all started, maybe there's our answer. My husband says it's stress related. I think it's time of the year related. It started getting cold, and suddenly I'm having this problem. It could be a combination of things. It was a Tuesday at 3:00, and suddenly there was a rash. Could be that Tuesdays are causing the problem. You know what I mean! It's like a puzzle that you're trying to figure out. All the possiblities that it could be for Ring Rash. Go Figure!
Good Luck Folks!

Posted by: Kimberly on December 16, 2004 02:46 AM

Wow, I'm not crazy! I've been wearing my 14k yellow gold wedding rings for 14 years. Just in the past 8 or 9 months I've developed the same rash you have all mentioned. My question is it worth having the rings reset in platinum? Doesn't it contain nickel as well? Anyone know?

Posted by: Laurie on December 16, 2004 12:43 PM

You should ask a jeweler to be sure, but I don't think platinum rings contain any nickel. Mine certainly doesn't -- it's pure platinum. The reason gold rings have nickel is because gold is too soft to be used by itself, so they add nickel to make it hard enough to be made into a ring. Platinum, though, is hard enough that it doesn't need anything else.

And I'm still wearing my ring every day without a rash.

Posted by: Mike on December 16, 2004 12:51 PM

I have been wearing my beautiful platinum engagement and wedding rings (soddered together) for 4 years without incident until about 2 months ago. Now I have the same problem described above. Red rash, blisters, etc. I let my finger heal by taking the ring off and using some cream my dermatologist prescribed but within a day or two of putting the ring back on I have the same rash. Have also tried the ring on my right hand but the same thing happens. I called my jeweler this week and he says he has had my same phone call over a 100 times and each and every time the problem resolves itself by taking the ring off when you wash your hands. He says there is no such thing as a platinum allergy and that I have developed some type of sensitivity to soap. This can also be caused by certain medications, etc. Well, I'm going to give it a try once my finger heals again. He is a very reputable jeweler and his family has been in the business for 3 generations so I figure he knows a thing or two. By the way, platinum does have nickel in it. Not near the amount of gold but there are different grades of platinum containing different levels of nickel. Thought I'd post this info as everyone seems as baffled as me by this problem. I will let you know what the results are.

Posted by: Kathryn on December 18, 2004 04:16 AM

Anyone ever thought of getting a tatooed ring? I've been through gold, sterling silver, platinum, and rhodium (a metal that was supposedly not going to give me a rash). I get the awful itching and flaking on just the right, inside part of my finger and I can't take it anymore.

Posted by: Jen on December 20, 2004 01:54 PM

I just got engaged today. I put the ring on, (which, by the way, I thought was lovely,) but then I got like a rash around my finger that was red and when the ring was taken off, it looked like I had a red "ring" around my finger. The ring made my finger itch. Would anyone know why this happens? Please let me know.

Posted by: Lia Knight on December 23, 2004 02:56 AM

i have the same problem...sort of. i think mine is caused by water getting trapped underneath. my rings are both silver, but only one of them causes a red blistery rash that itches like mad. the skin cracks and flakes when the blisters dry out. anyone else have two rings but only one cuases a problem? i'm confused.

Posted by: courtney on December 24, 2004 10:24 AM

Well, I see not much has progressed in our quest. I did get some relief from an antihistamine, but I stopped taking it twice daily and the rash is back. I'm going to try to get it up a 1/2 size. It's not tight, but I have noticed the rash to be worse depending on the "fit" when I DO wear them. In reference to what Kimberly on 12/16 mentioned... it could be hormone influenced. It seems only the women are having the problems... Wow! Doesn't this make us all feel better now!! :)

Posted by: Mylene on January 3, 2005 08:22 PM

I have a nickel allergy and had my engagement ring setting changed from white gold to platinum (the ring part is gold and doesn't bother me). Now I still get a rash, just on the side of my pinky, from the platinum setting, just like I did when it was white gold. I guess because the ring tends to turn that way so it hits the pinky. I don't think that could be from washing my hands. It only goes away when I don't wear the ring. Should I have asked for a better grade of platinum? My jeweler knew about my allergy. Should I put nail polish on the setting? Boy I really wanted to wear that ring all the time. It's frustrating.

Posted by: Sasha on January 6, 2005 08:19 PM

Am still having the problem with the rash, and am now wondering if my ring, bought at Bailey Banks and Biddle (and it was expensive) is really platinum. I am wondering if there was a coating on it that wore off. Has anyone looked into this? With all the knock-offs being sold, could it be that these rings causing the rash are metals blended with something and then coated. And when the coating wears off, it causes the reaction? How would we know when we buy a ring, that it is what is represented? Anyone have thoughts on this? I am thinking that some coating wore off (because the rash started after many years of cleanings with a soft brush) and I am thinking that we were sold the ring as "platinum, Scott Kay design" but could this be a fake?

Posted by: Catherine on January 8, 2005 04:29 AM

It could be that we are all being duped with fake platinum. I have two rings, both platinum, but only one causes the rash. The one that does not cause the rash is my wedding band which is flat and smooth. THe other ring that causes the rash has several diamonds set in the band and a diamond in the middle. The underside of the ring is sort of hollow to allow for the back of the diamonds. This is where the rash occurs. I was thinking that maybe the jewelers use nickel or something other than platinum to set the stones...maybe. I guess like the rest of us here, I am grasping at straws. By the way, I showed my rash to a pharmacist who suggested an anti-fungal cream which worked quite well, but has not prevented the rash from recurring.

Posted by: Lynn on January 9, 2005 12:06 PM

Same thing here! I've been wearing my white gold engagement/wedding rings for two years. About a month ago, my left ring finger started to break out. It was painful so I switched the rings to my right hand, which then broke out in the same annoying rash. It's very frustrating but, I must say - I'm very relieved to hear that I'm not the only one with these symptoms. I guess misery does love company.

Posted by: Vanessa on January 11, 2005 06:33 PM

QUOTE:::Anyone ever thought of getting a tatooed ring?

Posted by: Jen on December 20, 2004 01:54 PM

Jen..I am AT THAT POINT!! I am so frustrated with my ring finger...I have a platinum ring and in about a month of getting married (last year)I started getting a rash underneath it. I was taking it off when I slept and washed..but still got the rash...so when it healed I put the ring on again...and then it rashed again. I have now had my ring off for three months and my finger will not heal properly and looks "burnt" .

Ive tried everything..even when I wore my ring on the other hand it started on that finger as well. I love my ring and my wife...and I am very proud to be married..so when I cannot wear my ring it makes me feel like people think I dont take my marriage seriously..and that bothers me. I also have people staring at the "burnt" ring rash of skin.

I am at the point where ..when my finger heals (if ever...I've been using alot of cocoa cream it seems to be working)..i am thinking about getting a ring tattooed in place of an actual ring.

Posted by: James on January 14, 2005 07:17 AM

Maybe it is hormone related....

I wore my rings (channel set white gold) for a year and a half before any problems occurred. When I had my baby, all of a sudden, I couldn't wear them anymore. It was a red, dry, itchy rash that turned into a sore if I left my rings on. And I would leave them off for a few days, and then put them back on, and then I would get red bumps. It sounds so similar to everyone else!!!

This has been for an entire year now... and the only way I can wear my rings at all is if I leave them off for a month or so, and then the rash comes back after a few weeks. AGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

Posted by: Amanda on January 19, 2005 06:06 AM

I am 7 months pregnant. I have developed a rash under my platinum wedding and engagement rings in the last few months. I wore my engagement ring for two years and my wedding ring for several months before this rash/red bump problem occured. Does anyone know if pregnancy might have something to do with it?

Posted by: Antoinette Rodriguez on January 22, 2005 08:17 AM

Yes!! Well, I think I have found the answer (for me anyway.) I posted on December 18th and have been wearing my ring since that day without incident. I take it off at night and when I wash my hands (each and every time) as my jeweler suggested. Must be a soap allergy and not a platinum allergy. A note to James - it might make sense for you to see a dermatologist and get some prescription cream. I had the same problem and my finger didn't heal until after I used the cream.

Posted by: Kathryn on January 22, 2005 10:50 AM

How pleased I am to find this page and realise that I'm not going mad...lol!!!
I am a jewellery designer myself and have always recommended platinum to allergy sufferers....only to become allergic to my own platinum wedding rings after several years of wearing them.
My husband is a goldsmith, and he tried putting a heavy coating of rhodium on for me, but to no avail, and now I'm so upset at not being able to wear my rings.
I only seemed to become allergic AFTER being prescribed beta-blockers for my migraines, but although I no longer take them, I'm still left with the rash.
I will try the removing-them- before-washing idea though. See if that helps any.

Posted by: Treacy on January 28, 2005 02:16 AM

Wow, I too thought I was losing my mind!! About 3 months ago I started to get this itchy rash underneath my wedding and engagement ring (both yellow gold). I had never had a problem with them before and will be married 5 years in April. It got so bad that it has now turned into blisters and like everyone else I took them off for about a week and applied some ointment and it went away. So I put the rings back on and a few days later the rash was back. So I did the same thing but waited a longer period and it still came back again. I have never had this happen before, it just baffles me that all of a sudden I am now allergic to my engagement and wedding ring. And this rash had only appeared under my finger and on the pinky side. This time as we speak it has migrated a little towards the top. I don't know what to do!! My ring is absolutely beautiful and I love to wear it and now I can't!!

Posted by: Crystal on January 29, 2005 11:09 PM

This is unreal!! I have been searching for an answer to this mysterious rash under my platinum ring for the past couple of days and found this site. I too, have worn my platinum ring for appoximately 3 years and then all of a sudden....a rash! I did, a few months ago, discontinue taking Allegra, which I had been on for years, and started using an allergy nasal spray instead. I am now wondering now if that is the problem. I feel so much better since I'm not taking the Allegra, but I sure hate having this (allergy) rash! The jewelers who claim "there is no such thing as an allergy to platinum" apparently have never experienced what we are all experiencing!! I would beg to differ!

Posted by: Linda on February 2, 2005 07:04 PM

I just found this site after searching for help with my "ring rash" I can't wait to show this to my husband to show him that i am not losing my mind. Sorry to know there are others out there suffering like myself, but also a bit comforting as well. I have been basically going days or even weeks with out wearing my rings just so that I can get them to heal. Which I hate. I can't try the antihistamine, since I'm on Depakote, or else I'd never do anything but sleep lol.

Posted by: Kylee on February 2, 2005 08:51 PM

Just thought I would add something new that I just found. The itchiness, redness, and blistering is eczema. Yellow gold of fewer than 18 carats and white gold both contain nickel, which is a common allergen. The allergy can develop after a few years of wearing a ring, said David Bank, M.D., director of the Center for Dermatology in Mount Kisco, N.Y.
Dr. Bank suggested coating the inside of your ring with clear nail polish to create a buffer between your skin and the metal also saying that you should take off your ring when you're cleaning, or wear cotton gloves under rubber gloves when doing chores.

Posted by: Kylee on February 2, 2005 09:33 PM

Don't think this only happens to women. I developed the ring rash about 6 months after getting married. My wife developed it about a year and a half after. Hers started after having our daughter. We aren't sure what could cause it. It has us both very very frustrated. I can see we are not the only ones, and that does make me feel somewhat better.

Posted by: Michael on February 4, 2005 01:46 AM

Well, I am also a ring rash victim! This has been driving me crazy for months. I have done some research. I was also worried that my ring was not pure platinum, as claimed, and checked into the "fake platinum idea." Good news: first, platinum does not wear off. While you can loose some of your gold when a gold ring is scratched, platinum is more malliable and it will bend, you never lose platinum (apparently this is why it can get that brushed look over time). Therefore there is no coating that is wearing off. Second, metals have to be certified. ON the inside of your ring, if it says "Plat" or "PT" it is pure platinum, if it is not it will say "PT9" or "PT8" or somethig along those lines. It is unlikly that the label is false. What does this mean? It means that I am still clueless about the cause! Numerous people have told me about the trapping of water theory. I will try that next!

Posted by: Danielle on February 11, 2005 12:51 PM

I've been reading these posts and one made mention of prescription meds. I believe my rash under my gold ring started somewhere along the time I started cholesterol medicine. I've worn gold for years with no problem until the last 3-4 months. If anyone finds a helpful site with some medical conclusions please post back here.

Posted by: Barry on February 13, 2005 05:42 AM

I was pleased to find this site! I have worn my white gold engagement ring for over a year now, and my platinum wedding band for about 8 months. Suddenly, I have developed a complete intolerance to both rings. I have tried to wear one without the other, and both bother me.

It is strange... growing up, I wore gold jewelry on most of my fingers, but now, when I really want to wear these two rings, I cannot.

I have heard that titanium is supposed to be hypoallergenic. Does anyone have experience with titanium?

Otherwise, I am going to take my rings off often (especially when I wash my hands and at night), use the clear nail polish, and see what happens...

Posted by: Lisa on February 15, 2005 08:49 AM

Hi. I wrote at the end of January. I'm a jewellery designer, and in answer to your worries about your platinum being pure....I'd say it was highly unlikely that you've been juped. My husband made my platinum rings himself and so I know mine are ok...yet they still cause me problems.
Platinum is 95% pure and is therefore recommended to allergy sufferers...and so my rash has me completely baffled.
Titanium is certainly an option, but at the moment I am trying steel. (There are some nice designs out there in steel)
Will let you know how I get on!!!

Posted by: Treacy on February 16, 2005 07:06 AM

I have had this ring problem for the past couple yrs with my silver rings. I have worn silver my whole life and never had a problem until the past couple yrs. I get the raised itchy round rash on the right side of my finger underneath my ring. Then I take the ring off for a few days and it like dries up and flakes and finally goes away. Then I try to wear the ring and it does the same thing. Its so itchy too! Yuck!

Posted by: Dawn on February 17, 2005 06:29 AM

I think I have found something that works. As I said above, I am in the lucky position to have a jeweller for a husband, and a few days ago, in desperation, I borrowed a steel wedding ring from his shop - a sort of 'Try Before You Buy!' if you like...lol
My rash has cleared up perfectly for the first time in months, and the itching has gone completely.
The ring I borrowed is made from brushed steel, has a single tension-set diamond set into it - and could easily be mistaken for platinum.

It is made by a German company called 'Bunz', although there are others that make them.

Hope this is of some help.

Posted by: Treacy on February 21, 2005 12:47 AM

HELP! I developed a rash (red and flaky) on my ring finger a couple of months ago. The rash gets better when I stop wearing my rings for a few days but reappears when I wear them again. (My wedding bands are platinum - no question about that). I have been wearing my rings for 5 years without incident until recently. A few months ago, I moved to Miami from New York and at the same time went off my birth control pills. Could my rash be the result of hormonal changes or humidity??? Any help will be appreciated. thanks.

Posted by: Karen on February 22, 2005 08:10 AM

I've heard this problem called "Creeping Crud" and I have it! I have a solitaire placed in a white gold pave setting, and my ring finger suffers terribley from flakey red skin, small blisters and itching, even scarring is left behind when the finger does heal.

I have found that rx Betamethason Dipropionate does help and my aunt swears that soaking her finger in white vinegar helps as well.

My finger definitley suffers more when I don't take off or clean my ring right after cleaning with harsh products, I'm a bleach and other harsh products cleaner and my finger is horrendous a 1/2 hour or so after I'm done cleaning. However, that's not the only time I have a problem.

I've gotten into a routing of take my rings off every time I get my hands wet...and taking them off for bed and putting on the rx cream or neosporin and putting a bandage over it while I sleep...not a bandaid, but gauze secured with tape.

It has gotten better, but there are plenty of times when I do forget and clean with my ring on...I think we're all suffering from a variety of reasons...what a pain in the rear!

Posted by: Tiffany Blach on February 22, 2005 10:09 AM

I also have been suffering with "ring finger". I wore my wedding band for over 2 years and no problem until about 6 months ago. I don't like not being able to wear it. I have heard about a Rhodium coating they can put on your ring to protect your skin. Has anyone tried that?

Posted by: Leigh on March 11, 2005 08:20 AM

I am nickel sensitive as well. I even get rashes from eating food containing nickel. I cannot even wear a belt, although i have been told that some jewelery shops make nickel free belt buckles. I cannot wear any type of jewelery at all. We have just purchased a ring today.. the cheapest of all wedding rings .. as we know its only going to be on my finger for the day.. I nearly died when i was 15 because i had my ears pierced.. and they were non allergenic..it was not until I was 19 that i found out i was nickel sensitive. Stainless steel rings are an option for others. But its not for me as i have a skin reaction to that too

Posted by: fr on March 16, 2005 04:28 AM

Poor You FR...how awful to be so sensitive to metals like that. I really have nothing to complain about, do I? At least it's only Platinum with me.
Just a thought I had, though...would you be able to wear a titanium wedding ring? They make a lot of artificial joints out of titanium to avoid adverse reactions.
Good luck for the wedding!

Posted by: Treacy on March 17, 2005 08:02 AM

Thankyou Tracey. I know titanium maybe an option, however i have researched the topic and most jewellers only use 90-95% pure titanium ( i am unsure why ..maybe to make it malleable). I believe, if i was informed correctly, Nickel makes up a part of the remainder. My skin reacts to any % of nickel which is why the shower makes me slightly itchy, as nickel is in water. This is why i have yet to try titanium. As for foods, i cannot eliminate it entirely, i am supposed to follow a strict low nickel diet. I have basically given up on jewelery and it doesn't really worry me. But it seems to worry family members because i dont wear a ring! lol.

Posted by: fr on March 20, 2005 02:34 AM

Wow...I echo so much of what has been said here. I wore my white gold, rhodium plated engagement ring for almost two years without any problems. Then, after getting married and adding a small, thin white gold band, I started getting the rash everyone describes. After doing some research and coming across the information on nickel allergies, I concluded this was my problem. However, when I contacted the jeweler who made my ring, he assured me that nickel was not the culprit. To humor me, he re-coated the ring in rhodium, but told me I needed to clean my ring more often. Well, even with the new rhodium plating, I continue to get the rash, so I'm leaning toward the water/soap/bacteria theory. But I still don't understand why it would take two years for that to happen. Any other words of wisdom out there?

Posted by: Mary S on March 27, 2005 09:08 PM

It's great to know I'm not alone and not crazy...I got a white gold engagement ring with stones embedded in a band that had "holes" behind the stones creating pockets on the inside of the ring. I was fine for 4 months (running, sleeping, washing hands, etc...) and all of a sudden, the same redness, itching, peeling came that everyone describes. After removing the ring to heal, it would come back faster and faster when using the ring again. I went to a jeweler who said it may be a nickel or even paladium allergy and we recoated with radium. I improved for 2 weeks then back to normal. Then I had the whole ring reset in 18k gold with the same style setting. It was better for 3 months then the same reaction has recently started, but not as bad. I do think it has to do with water being caught under the rings. It gets particularly bad if I sleep with the ring and I don't have the problem with my 14k wedding ring I wear on the same finger, which is also a bit larger. So, I think I am going to get the ring enlarged a bit and be religious about taking it off for washing, sleeping, housekeeping and running and buy a good ultrasonic cleaner.

Posted by: Lisa on March 31, 2005 08:42 AM

I have had the same problem with my white gold wedding ring. I have five diamonds set into a bezel setting with the holes underneath. The rash didn't start until after 3+ years of marriage. I thought it was psychological. I'm glad I'm not crazy. I think I'll try the nail polish and taking my ring off when sleeping, washing, cleaning, etc.

Posted by: Stacia on March 31, 2005 08:14 PM

Hi, I have been reading up on this, and apparently an allergy to a metal is not something you are necessarily born with. It develops in some people due to exposure to the metal, and after the allergy develops then you will have a reaction. Allergy causes this reddening, itching, and flaky rash. So, anyone who has said that they can't be allergic to the metal because they wore the ring fine for months or years, I am sorry to report that this is not true- just because you weren't sensitive to the metal before doesn't mean that you can't be now. If you are developing this over and over again after putting it on, and it clears up after taking it off, then it is probably an allergy to nickel or some other alloy component in the metal. Especially with white gold, which usually contains nickel in the US. Perhaps you could have the ring plated with a nickel-free metal. Yellow gold over 18K is almost always nickel free. And although it seems ridiculous to plate a wedding ring with silver, sterling silver is also usually nickel free, as it is an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.

Posted by: Nicolette on April 3, 2005 09:04 PM

I'm in the same boat as I recently developed an allergy to my platinum wedding band. I am not, however, allergic to my platinum engagement ring. I'm thinking that it must be that 5% of other metal that is mixed in with the platinum.

At first I thought it might be water being trapped under the ring too... what I've learned is that the water or soap don't actually CAUSE the rash. The water allows the nickel better access to the skin by sort of breaking the protective shield of the skin. Sweating can do the same thing.

We all have a different tolerance for the nickel. For some people, it takes months of exposure to develop the allergy. For some, it takes years. (This also happened to me with poison ivy. I wasn't allergic when I was little, but now I get a rash very easily)

I've read that coating the ring with palladium may fix the problem for a while as it will prevent contact between the skin and nickel.

Posted by: nancy on April 4, 2005 10:58 AM

The internte is amazing, all of us thought we were the only one, I think of myself as the princess and the pea - who ever heard of being allergic to platinum.

I have perscription cream, I had my ring made bigger, and I have taken to removing the ring when I wash my hands, hot water and no soap, then waiting several min. until I am sure my hands are dry - still I get the rash.

Today I learned something really interesting though - I read online that if you have a reaction to nickel in your ears and it leads to broken skin in the ears (which did happen to me around the time I started getting the ring rashes) that can cause all of your skin to become hypersensitive, even to the point of reacting to platinum.

I am going to try to not wear any metal against my skin for about 6 months to see if it purges from my system. Maybe we need plastic rings!

Posted by: CJD on April 7, 2005 06:44 PM

Well, like the rest of you, I found this site by doing a search on rings and rashes. I've been unable to wear my wedding ring for the last 6 months or so because of my rash. It's the same as a few of you have said - it's only on the inside right of my ring finger, but it gets really bad sometimes, like after doing dishes.
Originally, my doctor gave me some cortisone cream to put on it, which would clear it up within a day or two and I could wear my rings again. But it would come back. So, I got into this routine of using the cortisone cream.
Well, if any of you are doing the same thing, beware! Prolonged usage of cortisone cream can cause the skin to thin and make the problem much worse in the long run. As I said, I haven't worn my rings for over 6 months, and I haven't been using the cream for 6 months either, but the rash is always there. Always! I'm going to see a dermatologist, but I couldn't get an appointment until the end of July.
Good luck to all of you - I know how terribly upsetting it is to not be able to wear your beautiful rings!

Posted by: Joanne on April 11, 2005 08:16 PM

I have worn a gold and diamond wedding band for 18 years with no rash developing. Recently I began wearing my mother's diamond and platinum ring guards positioned on either side of the wedding band. You guessed it! I developed a rash across the top and sides of my ring finger. The rash began as small blisters, became reddened as the blisters broke, and then scaly as healing began. The first time it developed, I removed all rings, let the rash heal, and then wore just the wedding band. No problem. After a couple of months I tried the platinum bands again. Oops! Back came the rash, this time even worse than the first time.

My delighted and grateful daughter is now wearing the platinum bands with her platinum wedding and engagement rings - they sure look pretty.

Do you suppose there was some kind of chemical reaction between the platinum and gold that caused the rash on my ring finger? Just wondering if anyone else might have had a similar experience...

Posted by: Hallie on April 15, 2005 01:50 PM

I wore my wedding rings for nearly 3 years, (they are both platinum) without a problem. I did develop the same rash. I have tried different things but they only provide temporary relief. I am looking into the idea that maybe the rings were coated with something clear to protect them and after time it breaks down or something ruins the coating. I did notice that my problem developed after I started using a jewelry cleaner purchased from Walmart. It is a red transparent plastic container and I thnk it had gold writing. I am going to see a jeweler to ask and if it is true I am going to see if I can get them recoated. If it works I will always have them professionally cleaned.

Posted by: Beth on April 21, 2005 07:54 AM

Found out good information about my ring and the cause of the rash! I thought my ring was platnium. It is really white gold. While gold has nickle in it. Most people have bad reactions to it. Do yourself a favor and plaint the inside (the part that touchs your skin) with clear nail polish, let it dry and wet it for a couple of days, being careful not to wear the ring while doing things that will cause the polish to wear, and see is your rash improves. If so, you can take your ring in to a jewelry store that does rodium plating and have it dipped. This coating was what finally wore off of my ring after about 3 years. I am having mine dipped and will be rash free for another 3 or so years. Being careful not to clean it myself using store bought cleaner.

Hope this help!

Posted by: Beth on May 13, 2005 07:59 AM

Whew! I had never heard of a platinum allergy either! I wore my wonderfully expensive platinum engagement ring on my finger for about 9 months, then I added the "not so expensive" platinum wedding band and now three months later I have the horrible rash, itching, burning and blisters. Both rings are marked with the PT 950 marking, but I think the less expensive ring is the culprit. For now, I have been putting cream on my finger and during the day I use clear first aid tape under the rings which makes it better! This is terrible ! Good luck and please help find a cure (LOL)!

Posted by: Kim on May 14, 2005 09:44 PM

I know this sounds like an odd cure, but after struggling with allergies to various rings, necklaces and even earrings, my mom suggested applying a layer of clear nail polish on the parts of the jewellry that touch my skin. It worked!!

Posted by: S. on May 18, 2005 08:20 PM

Sorry to hear about everyone having these metal allergies. I had no idea there was such a thing; however, my solution would be to go with sterling silver as was mentioned previously, since it has no nickel in it. I'm partial to silver myself, having had both mine and my wife's rings custom made by a very talented Native American jeweler. I don't care to own gold or other precious metals, as I really feel that silver is underrated for its character and beauty. So don't worry if you find it necessary to forgo wearing your gold or platinum - check into silver and I think you'll be surprised at what artists, especially Indigenous people, are able to create with this very classy metal.

Posted by: Craig on May 18, 2005 11:43 PM

It's been helpful to read all your comments. I bought two tungsten rings (couldn't decide between them) and I'm allergic to both of them. I found out within about two weeks of wearing them. One ring was 90% tungsten / 7% nickel / 3% iron, so I blame nickel there, but the other was 90% tungsten / 10% cobalt! Apparently there is a relationship between nickel and cobalt allergies. I was just ordering a platinum band (95% platinum / 5% ruthenium) before I read this... now I don't know what to do... hate to have this recur... may go to titanium.

Posted by: Jim on May 25, 2005 08:40 AM

I have had the same thing as everyone here!! I have platnum bands of diamonds all around. They are BEAUTIFUL and expensive! I have had ring rash the last two months, but only on the top of my finger. My friend is a nurse, and she said that she thought that it origionally looked like a burn that has not been able to dry out since I get it wet in the shower, washing my hands, etc. It is possible that it is a burn since I did burn myself with hot water - but she says that if swollen or bloated, the trapped water, soap, shampoo, etc. can cause a reaction that can take months to heal...much longer than we all are willing to wait before trying to wear our rings again. I too am at a loss! I love my rings and feel odd without them.

Posted by: Amy on June 18, 2005 11:35 PM

HI everyone! I have had the same problem with first, a white gold wedding ring and then I upgraded to platinum and still get the same rash. I have found a solution. I tried the fingernail polish thing and it doesn't stay. Try painting a few coats of the liquid bandaid on the inside of your ring every couple of days. I have been doing this for 3 weeks now and no rash!! I can finally wear my ring all the time. I hope this works for others too! Good luck!!

Posted by: tiv on June 20, 2005 05:46 AM

As I read all of your comments, I feel as though I could "cut and paste" them all into mine! I have a platinum (yes, it says "PLAT") engagement ring with ten "holes" an the underside for channel set diamonds and a large one for the solitaire. I have been wearing it around the clock for over 2 years now, and have just lately developed the ring rash- itchy, red, and flaky. I have tried 0.1% hydrocortisone cream and keeping the ring off for a few days, which helped for a few days each time, but the rash recurred when I put it back on. I work in a hospital, so I wash my hands dozens of times a day. My hospital started using that alcohol-based antimicrobial hand gel (Purell) and I thought that was it... but after discontinuing it and only washing with moisturizing soaps, the rash is still there. I use moisturizing lotions/creams/ointments constantly, and it still doesn't help. I may try the liquid bandaid as posted by "tiv"- I hope it works, I love my ring!

Posted by: Cathy on June 23, 2005 10:25 AM

Same story except my rings are 18k gold and I have worn them for 16 1/2 years with no problems. Thought it might be the summer heat in Texas causing swelling and the liquid handsoap in the restrooms at work. Will try some of the suggestions and will keep checking back to see if any of us find a magic cure for us all!

Posted by: SLW on June 27, 2005 05:08 PM

I have had a very similar problem. I also developed contact dermatitis to my wedding ring. I have a platinum wedding band with a channel setting so there are holes on the inside on the top. The rash first appeared a few weeks ago. I waited for the skin to heal. But as soon as I put my ring back on, the rash came back. Then I tried to have the ring cleaned. But the rash still came back.I too only get the rash on the top part of my finger where the holes are. I feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone. I went to my allergist and did a little research. Most people that have a metal allergy are allergic to nickle.This allergy can develop at any time, even after years of wearing it. Nickel is mostly used in gold, yellow and white. Since there is no nickle in platinum, it should be a safe alternative. So why are we all having so many problems???
Well, as it turns out...
There are a few people actually allergic to platinum, but it's really rare and unlikely that we all have it. So, what are the alternatives...
Platinum bands that are manufactured in the US are only between 85% and 95% pure platinum. In order to be considered a "pure platinum" band it only has to have 95% platinum. The other 5% is an alloy of some sort. The most common are Palladium, Iridium, and/or Rhodium. On the inside of the ring there will be a stamp. Usually labled with either PT or Plat in parts per 1000. For example, a ring that is 90% platinum will read PT900 or 900PT. 95% will read 950 PT or Plat950. If it just says PT or Plat then it is 95%.
OK. So what about the other 5 or 10%? Well, I did a little research and palladium is extracted from nickel ores and iridium is the by-product from nickel mining. Is it possible that there is a nickel connection here after all? I'm not sure about that, but it's interesting anyway. I also found that in addition to the mentioned alloys, cobalt is sometimes added to platinum. People who are allergic to nickel are often ALSO allergic to cobalt.
My allergist seems to think that i'm not allergic to the platinum, but to whatever else is in my ring. So the first thing to do would be to go to your jeweler and ask them what else is in your ring. My jeweler was able to call the manufacturer and ask. And now I can start with process of elimination.First, it seems that salt from perspiration will deteriorate nickel (and maybe other alloys as well) in such a way that makes it react with the skin. So keeping your ring clean and dry might help. Either by taking it off when you wash your hands and shower, or by increasing the band size to allow for more air under the ring. Or by not wearing it in the summer when it's hot and humid out.
Second, having the ring coated with another alloy that isn't already in the ring you have. For example, if your ring is made of platinum and iridium, have it coated with rhodium. And then last, trying a different type of metal all together, like gold, silver, titanium, or steel. Hope this is helpful!

Posted by: RFS on June 28, 2005 01:33 PM

Okay, me too. Platinum rings, 3 years, new rash, one side of finger only. My wedding band is channel set and when I run my finger along the inside of my band, I can feel the points of my diamonds. I complained about this to several jewelers and have heard the same thing from each of them..."sooner or later your finger will develop an allergy to the diamonds - - look for a rash." (WHAT?! ALLERGIC TO DIAMONDS?!) I was told to have the band remade (which I obviously haven't done yet because I never had a rash until a couple of weeks ago) and that it would go away. I'll let you know how it goes, but when I don't wear the band, the rash goes away. So I've resolved to only wearing my engagement ring.

Posted by: TRS on July 10, 2005 07:18 AM

I am so glad I found this site. Like many of you I thought I was the only one and about to go crazy. I have atopic determatitis which will never completely go away and usually flairs up March through October. Rings have never given me any problems, earrings yes, rings no. So when a scaley, itchy rash appeared on my ring finger soon after I started wearing my wedding ring I didn't think a whole lot about it. A jeweler suggested having it coated, well that didn't help either. At first the rash was on the top and the right side of my finger. Now the rash is only on the right side. My question is...if it is an allergic reaction, why doesn't the rash appear on the ajacent fingers which also have contact with the ring? Things that make you go hummm!

I am going to soak my finger in white vinegar, use clear first aid tape under my ring and coat my ring with liquid bandaid. If that doesn't work, my next move is a trip to a dermatologist. Wish me luck!!!

Posted by: Pam on July 10, 2005 02:01 PM

I am so glad I found this site. Like many of you I thought I was the only one and about to go crazy. I have atopic determatitis which will never completely go away and usually flairs up March through October. Rings have never given me any problems, earrings yes, rings no. So when a scaley, itchy rash appeared on my ring finger soon after I started wearing my wedding ring I didn't think a whole lot about it. A jeweler suggested having it coated, well that didn't help either. At first the rash was on the top and the right side of my finger. Now the rash is only on the right side. My question is...if it is an allergic reaction, why doesn't the rash appear on the ajacent fingers which also have contact with the ring? Things that make you go hummm!

I am going to soak my finger in white vinegar, use clear first aid tape under my ring and coat my ring with liquid bandaid. If that doesn't work, my next move is a trip to a dermatologist. Wish me luck!!!

Posted by: Pam on July 10, 2005 02:01 PM

The post by SLW seems to be most correct. From what I have researched all "pure" metals used in jewelry contain some alloys .. including nickel. Many people have a reaction to the nickel, or more specifically the nickel salts, that rise from the breakdown of the nickel in contact with water (and especially heavy acids or bases like soap). There was only ever one documented case of a reaction to Platinum.

Coatings of rhodium or the like on the skin exposure side of the jewelry (inside of ring) can limit or temporarily eliminate skin exposure to the nickel salts. An OLD HOME REMEDY that seems to work well is applying a coating of clear nail polish to the skin exposure side of the jewelry (inside of ring). I've been researching this for my wife who appears to be having a reaction to her very nice platinum wedding ring. Good luck.


"Posted by: SLW on June 27, 2005 05:08 PM
..Most people that have a metal allergy are allergic to nickle. .. First, it seems that salt from perspiration will deteriorate nickel (and maybe other alloys as well) in such a way that makes it react with the skin. So keeping your ring clean and dry might help. Either by taking it off when you wash your hands and shower, or by increasing the band size to allow for more air under the ring. Or by not wearing it in the summer when it's hot and humid out.
Second, having the ring coated with another alloy that isn't already in the ring you have. For example, if your ring is made of platinum and iridium, have it coated with rhodium. And then last, trying a different type of metal all together, like gold, silver, titanium, or steel. Hope this is helpful."

Posted by: JM on July 12, 2005 08:23 AM

I too have started an allergy to my platinum rings but after reading all of your posts I think this all started when I started taking Prenatal vitamins in hopes of getting pregnant. It could be in the vitamins. Maybe the extra minerals I am taking? What do you guys think? Anyone else start a vitamin regiment?

Posted by: TF on July 16, 2005 07:32 AM

LISTEN UP!!! Don't get rid of your beautiful rings, this is all because of allergy/reaction to having warm, moist skin and possibly soap from washing hands under your ring -- NOT an allergic reaction to platinum, gold, nickel, or any other type of material. You must remove the ring, let the skin heal fully (may take weeks) and then don't wash your hands with rings on, or if you do make sure you fully dry them -- even under the rings. Make sure you don't put the rings back on until your existing rash is cleared up. Then follow up by keeping skin healthy with moisturizing and wearing rubber gloves.

Posted by: Jenn on July 18, 2005 11:58 AM

Hi, it's Pam again. I went straight to my general family doctor about my rash. He immediately said "contact dermatitis" after looking at and rubbing my finger. The cream I already had for other areas was not working on my ring finger so he prescribed a stronger cream this time. It is called Cutivate 0.05% Cream. The pharmacist substituted another cream called Fluticasone Propionate Cream 0.05%...apply 2x daily.

My finger cleared up after 6 days but I haven't tried to wear my rings yet. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm just happy my finger has healed. Frankly, I was starting to worry about it.

Posted by: Pam on July 18, 2005 12:17 PM

Go to HealthCentral.com - Dr. Dean Edell - Why is my wedding ring giving me a rash?

He gives a very good explanation in response to a post like the ones here.

At the bottom you will see Related animations. Clink on Exzema to see how and why we are having these reactions.

Posted by: Pam on July 18, 2005 12:45 PM

see previous post..

search eczema
scroll down to Animations
click on eczema

Posted by: Pam on July 18, 2005 01:37 PM

I do not have much to contribute except for some interesting facts that I learned while researching my own nickel allergy and alternative jewelry options:
1. One contributor noted above that most affected people seemed to be female. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, this is true simply because most young women have their ears (or other body parts) pierced. Most posts are not surgical steel, which causes us to eventually become sensitized to the nickel in the posts. Once a nickel allergy develops, it will always be present. Prevention is possible by making sure the original piercing post is surgical steel and then only use surgical steel posts - forever. Or, forego any piercing altogether.
2. The biggest problem with metal rings that do not contain nickel (or contain nickel that is not "free," and therefore unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) is the fact that after washing hands (or cleaning, using chemicals, etc.), it is nearly impossible to completely dry the skin under the ring without removing the ring first. The dampness remains, and this causes all sorts of problems with rashes, infections, bacteria, etc. Removing jewelry while hand-washing or during cleaning or sweat-producing labor, exercise, etc., will make a difference.
3. Believe it or not, there are foods that naturally contain nickel and ingesting these will also cause allergies to surface. Unfortunately, some of these foods are those most favored by women: chocolate (!), oatmeal, soybeans, and nuts. Sounds like I'll be suffering all my life, since I'm unwilling to give up my chocolate!

Posted by: Vicki on July 23, 2005 11:10 AM

I am so happy I found this site. I have been going crazy for the past year with a rash under my wedding ring. I've been married for 14 years and have never had a problem before. I do tend to be sensitive to cleaning products/soaps and so I am going to take the advice of what someone wrote and take off my ring when I wash my hands or I'm in the shower. Being a stay-at-home mom, I'm constantly using cleaning products around the house. I'm going to start using rubber gloves when I clean. I'll write back and tell you all if this helps. I just know I'm tired of this itchy rash!!

Posted by: Evelyn on August 2, 2005 10:21 AM

I have chronic eczema on my hands and my wedding ring and engagement ring (which I never take off) are made of platinum. I only use Dove soap (unscented only) when I wash my hands and in the shower. I always moisturize my hands with Cetaphil moisturizing cream - it's the best! I've been wearing my rings for over six years and have not had any kind of rash. I usually wear gloves if I do any kind of household cleaning that involves water. This was advice from my dermatologist and it has worked for me. I hope this will help all of you.
I also noticed that salty or spicy foods tend to cause a flare up of eczema on my hands but not on my left ring finger! I also drink plenty of water daily. I find that if I don't drink a lot of water my hands get really itchy.

Posted by: Grace on August 3, 2005 07:45 AM

I am not going to describe my rash because it is the same thing that you all have noted. But something different in my situation:

2001: my senior class ring, 14k yellow gold. gave me the rash. i stopped wearing the ring and it went away...i never wore the ring again.

2003: got engaged and got a 10k white gold ring. never had a problem with it. wedding date got pushed until may 2006 because i decided to go back to school.

april 2005: bought a CZ (cubic zirconia) ring from a website CZPlatinum.com the engagement set (with wedding band) was set in 14k white gold. wore it until about the first week of july and developed the rash. (bought the ring for fun and it looked so real that i wear it all the time!! beautiful CZ..highly reccomend)

much of the jewelry i have is from Kay's jewelrs (Kay.com) including my first engagement ring. most all of their stuff is in 10k gold....ive never had a problem. but my only 2 peices of 14k gold gave me a reaction. i am going to try the nail polish. and size the ring up a little. maybe it is the heat and swelling of my fingers?? when it was cooler out the ring fit a little looser....hmmmm

Posted by: Marissa on August 6, 2005 11:43 AM

Hi all,

I read most of the posts but did not read all of them so if anyone has suggested these remedies already please excuse me.

I have been using Vitamin E capsules and rubbing the vitamin E on my finger under my rings with gentle messages as soon as I get home and before bed at night. (don't take the vitamin E though as I hear it is harmful now) When I leave in the mornings I put vaseline on my finger and message it throughout the day. My wedding ring finger had begun to swell from some unknown reason and turn dark, caloused and flaky. The only thing I did differently was I had been drinking orange juice, taking vitamins, drinking large amounts of water and exercising daily (Taebo intro). Then I took a family trip for a week and did not do any of these things. Then the finger swelling began. So now that I am back from vacation, I am trying to get "back on track".

With the finger mesages (spelling??) of Vitamin E and vaseline the swelling went down. I stopped picking the flakes, no matter how tempting and the scarring at those points is going away. Basically the only thing left is a small line of hard callous right on top of the finger and it seems to be softening. I guess I might have to keep this up for a long time - not sure.

Well - hope this helps someone - just my 2 cents :)

Posted by: Dee on August 22, 2005 04:56 PM

I have been reading all your comments and I hope I can answer some.
The Platinum isn't the cause of the rashes. The most probable cause is the other alloy contained in the ring.
Platinum believe it or not is a rather soft metal, harder than gold yet soft none the less so another alloy needs to be added for strength and malliability.
Pure Platinum is 95% Platinum and 5% another alloy and is stamped Platinum/PLAT/PLAT950. Most common alloy that is mixed is Iridium which is usually a little cheaper because it is more mailable and is easy to polish.
Some of the other alloys can be Cobalt which since it is also a dirivative of nickel like Iridium, that might also be the cause.
Here are others:
Platinum - Copper Pt -
Platinum - Palladium Pt - Pd
Platinum - Cobalt Pt - Co
Platinum - Tungsten Pt -
Platinum - Palladium - Copper Pt - Pd - Cu
Platinum - Ruthenium Pt - Ru
Platinum - Iridium Pt - Ir
950 Pt - Ir too soft for casting

Palladium is not quite as common and ruthenium is probably the best since it mixes well and is very hard and less prone to scratches.

If you have PT900, the 10% mix is almost always Irdium.

So I dont' know if I cleared anything up but to say that there is NO cheaper Platinium the causes of the rashes is most likely due to the alloy mix and as there are a lot of people allergic to nickel, it is probably the mixes with cobalt and possibly Iridium but I think the former.

Posted by: Jeff on August 30, 2005 10:24 PM

If anyone is interested, here is a great site from a Platinumsmith.


Posted by: Jeff on August 30, 2005 10:25 PM

I too have this rash problem, and it is definitely an allergy. It is the nickel mixed in with all the other metals...in my case the only ring I can wear is titanium. It does not have any other metals mixed with it because it is very strong.

Posted by: Laurie on September 7, 2005 05:09 PM

I've had the same problem with my platinum wedding band for the past several months after having no problems for over three years. It occured to me today that perhaps my problem is related to the alcohol based hand sanitizer I frequenly use after diapering my daughter. Did any of you frequently use hand sanitizer when the problem first cropped up?

Posted by: Allison on September 14, 2005 07:32 PM

Wow, I'm so psyched to have found others with the problem. Today happens to be my 2nd wedding anniversary and about 1 month ago I started getting the red, bumpy, flaky, raw rash. Take the platinum rings off, things heal up w/ some triple antibiotic cream, put them back on, rash appears. I do use the hand sanitizer b/c I teach and wash my hands literally 15 times from 8:00 am to 3:00pm. Unfortunately, the reality of teaching is taking my rings off every time I wash my hands will be tough, but since there doesn't seem to be a choice...that's what I'll try!

Posted by: Mary Lynn on September 20, 2005 07:11 AM

Since March of this year I started having the rash under my wedding ring. It is very anoying and I really want it to stop. I read many of the comments from people and I am exactly the same. However, my rings are 18K gold, not platinum. What I want to know, is there any cure for this at all? I want so badly to wear my rings. I am actually looking for a holistic cure. Has anyone been successful with anything other than not wearing your rings? Let me know.

Posted by: Robin Olvera on September 21, 2005 10:09 PM

Off the subject of rashes ... I have just gotten engaged and have got a platinum diamond ring. It is so pretty. But, it has scratches on the palm side already...it has been a week. Anyone else have this problem? My ring says just PLAT on the inside. This means it is 95% Platinum?

Posted by: Steph Danielle on September 23, 2005 06:09 PM

Are your 18kt gold rings white gold? If so nickel is used to whiten the gold and that is what could be causing the rash.

click on the link above that I provided about platinum mixes. All platinum is not the same. PLAT on the in side is the stamp used when it is 95% pure or 950. The other 5% is another alloy and there are many used but Ruthenium and Iridium are most common. If you ring is scratching easy it is probably 5% Iridium but there really is no way of knowing unless you ask the maker of the ring. Let me just sy though that platinum WILL scratch easier than white gold. Gold is "harder" than platinum but platinum will wear MUCH better if that makes sense. Gold wears and when it wears it wears off especially in scratches. Platinum on the other hand "displaces" but will stay on the ring.

I hope that I could clarify some things for all of you.

Posted by: Jeff on September 28, 2005 05:15 PM

I developed a rash when I became pregnant. The jewler says that it's common for hormone changes. But then my husband started to get a rash and he thinks it's due to water getting trapped under it. Our rings are platnum. Who knows. I am frustrated in not being able to wear my rings.

Posted by: Jennifer on October 8, 2005 05:53 PM

TF: Are you a doctor? How can you advise people on this site that they are not allergic to their rings?

I saw a dermatologist last week who told me that I was definitely allergic to my ring and should not wear it again under any circumstances. He is treating my rash with a topical steroid ointment and I am going to undergo patch testing to determine the cause of my allergy. Others on this site may have similar, legitimate medical issues and should consult a medical professional about their rashes. Wearing rubber gloves is not going to help anyone who has an allergy to a component of their ring.

Posted by: Sarah on October 10, 2005 01:15 PM

This is timely info! I, too, have suddenly developed a sensitivity just like many of you! Nine months ago, I began wearing a PLATINUM ANNIVERSARY BAND on the same finger that I have worn a gold wedding band for over 20 years with no problems ever. Two weeks ago, I showed my husband the red, sore rash that had suddenly developed on my finger. I removed the PLATINUM ring and the rash is clearing up.

Posted by: Kat on October 11, 2005 05:03 PM

I have the same problem with my platinum engagement ring. Rash appeared after 2.5 years, but here's something to think about; my platinum wedding ring (worn for a year and a bit) is NOT causing an allergy! I first changed both rings from my left hand to the right. Rash appeared there as well, but it only seemed to be aggrevated where the engagement ring touched the skin -so I split the rings, one on each hand -and only the engagement ring causes problems. This leads me to think it must be related to the coating wearing off -which a jeweller told me would normally happen within a couple of years.

Posted by: MM on October 24, 2005 04:33 AM

Just searching the web like all of you for all the same reasons. But get this. I've worn my ring for 20 years and never had a problem until now! Furthermore, it is a very inexpensive college ring made from "Lustrium" which contains nickle. It has always looked very nice (a white gold look), and everywhere I go people comment on it. But now suddenly, the rash! Go figure. God has clearly made our bodies a delicate balance of things.

Posted by: RRB on October 24, 2005 09:18 AM

Me too! I've been married 19 yrs, always had 14K gold, I did get a new ring last Christmas, but until about a month ago I never had a problem. Now, I cannot wear my gorgeous new large diamond I've always wanted! I get the rash, bumps, I leave the ring off, they heal and get very dry and peel, try the ring again and it starts all over. I've tried cortisone cream and nothing. I'm so sad that my rings are left in the jewelry box. I sometimes take them with me and try different times during the day, I'm probably going to end up losing them putting them on and taking them off so much. I'm afraid of investing into platinum if that won't work, I hate to spend anymore money on just a hunch. Help!

Posted by: Kathy on October 25, 2005 08:28 PM

Yea! I thought it was some sort of bad omen. Ha. I'm not going crazy or marrying the wrong man. Phew. LOL.
My beautiful platinum engagement ring will have to be redesigned in a different metal-how sad. I've been wearing my wedding band, made of steel, without the engagement ring and all is well. Down with platinum- pick steel or maybe titanium. (My steel ring is a MayB studio ring)

Posted by: Jess on October 31, 2005 10:21 PM

I HAVE A MIRICLE ANSWER! I have had the same problems with my wedding and engagement rings. I had to go a long time not wearing them due to blisters and itchy dryness. It got worse the more I tried to wear them so I just gave up. One day I decided to try one more thing. I soaked both rings in hydrogen peroxide for the whole day and brush cleaned the diamond area. I rinsed them well and dried them well. Guess what? I can wear them again and have been symptom free for 3 months. I haven't had to soak them since but will probably do so soon just to keep them clean. Hope this helps someone out there that has suffered the terrible fate of not being able to wear their loved and meaningful rings.

Posted by: Dawn on November 3, 2005 08:25 AM

I have been wearing my platinum ring for over 7 years. It's an extremely heavy man's band just under 1/2" wide. It's hand made and hallmarked. It is 95% platinum.
About a month and a half ago I developed a red rash under the ring, predoninantly on one side but read all around. I clean my ring every day in the shower and dry it thouroughly with a towel, a behaviour unchanged since day 1.
I took eht ring off for about 2 weeks and walked around feeling "naked". I put the ring bak on and bingo - the rash returned making the ring unwearable. I repeated the wait for 3 weeks and got the same result.
I've tried neosporin, aloe, vitamin E, etc. No luck.
While platinum may well be hypoallergenic I wonder if a mold infection or something along those lines might have gotten established through a small cut near the ring and now flare up when under the ring (warm and moist?).
I am going to try my white gold ring but don't hold out much hope since from other posts here it seems to be non-specific to any given metal.

Posted by: Alexander Neil on November 6, 2005 06:57 AM

Okay--I had the same problem just recently. I got a red spot only on one side of my finger. I noticed it happened right after the jeweler cleaned my ring for me. I tried a couple of different things to no avail and then finally I took off the ring and let my finger heal completely. Then I put the ring in a pot and boiled the water for a minute or so with the ring in it. It's been a week now and the allergy has not returned, even though before it would come back immediately after putting the ring on.

So try boiling your ring! It may work for you too!

Posted by: grace on November 7, 2005 02:16 PM

I have worn both an 18k engagement ring and wedding ring for over 8 years with no problems. I have always known that I have had problems with "cheap" jewllery and am allergic to belt buckles and non stainless steel watch backs and buckles. My husband gave me an equisite white gold ring a year ago that is causing the typical excema / atopic dermatitis reaction. I am a surgeon so thought that it was secondary to my repeated hand washing, I now realise that it is my new ring. I am thinking of upgrading to platinum but am concerned that I will have the same reaction. What I don't understand, is that I have had absolutely no problems with my other rings, they are still fine. The yellow gold of my other rings won't look as good with the 10 diamonds of my new ring , so I don't want to go down that line. I am hoping that because I am fine with yellow gold that hopefully I will tolerate the small amount of nickel etc in platinum. Anyone else with allergies to platinum but OK with 18k gold?

Posted by: Fiona on November 8, 2005 01:11 AM

Gee... I just don't have an answer for me. I have 18k YELLOW gold wedding rings that I have worn for 8 years with no problems and in the past 2 months I developed a ring rash. I wear all my other rings on my other fingers (they are 14K yellow gold)and there are no problems or rashes with them. I have tried not wearing my wedding rings for 3 weeks and it will clear up; however, when I wear them again within a few days the rash comes back. It doesn't make since. Wouldn't my other rings cause the same problem?

Posted by: Adagietta on November 18, 2005 11:41 AM

My rings are white gold. I have worn them for almost three years now. I have a red ring around my finger that itches like crazy. I don't want to change rings, have you ever heard of getting some kind of coating on your existing rings?

Posted by: Michele on November 22, 2005 08:48 AM

This is bizarre! Like everyone else...I thought it was only me! I have a solitare diamond and 2 channel set diamond rings (all 3 sautered together). I thought the rash was happening because my bands are wide and my skin was not getting enough air.
Again, like eveyone else, I had no problem until about 2 years after I started wearing them. AND, not until I had children!
Red and ITCHY!!! What I really don't understand is, why don't I get this rash under my ring I wear on my right hand...I wear it just as often.
I have been taking my rings off at night and putting hydrocortisone cream on..and so on. It feels better in the morning but by the end of the day it stats all over agian.
I think I will ask a jeweler about the rhodium.
Good Luck!!!

Posted by: Jami on November 29, 2005 06:27 AM

Hi, Just like all of you I have also developed what is apparently called contact dermatitis to my engagement ring after a years wear! Now I havent tried it out yet but Ive been web surfing today and Ive seen a few references to people having an allergy to nickel. (Alot of white gold has 10.45% nickel to make it white???) And apparently if you put anti-persperent under your ring, it kind of counter effects the nickel in the Ring??? Im going to try it this week and I'll post my findings!!! After spending a smal fortune on creams powders dematologists and new rhonium plateing Im ready to try anything!
Will hopefully report good news!!!

Posted by: roshanne on November 29, 2005 10:17 PM

Ok, so dont listen to my last post cause I got it wrong! Anti-perspirants make it worse!!! So they say you shouldnt wear anti-perspirants and spend some time sweating! (in sauna or excersizing) So im renovating my new home next week and Im not going to use any anti-perspirants and sweat heaps!!! Lets hope its a build up thing and you dont have to do it all the time!!!

Posted by: roshanne on November 29, 2005 10:37 PM

I too have had this problem recently and I have been wearing my platinum wedding rings for 16 years and just developed this tendency for a rash about a year ago. My doctor has given me a very strong steroid cream which gets rid of the rash but as soon as I start wearing the rings again the rash returns. My husband gave me a right hand ring also made of platinum 2 years ago for Christmas and that has done the same thing. I think it must be a body chemistry change. I can't think of anything else. I am going to try soaking my wedding rings in hydrogen peroxide as suggested in one of the posts and as soon as my finger has completely healed will try wearing them again.

Posted by: Patti on December 1, 2005 04:23 PM

Same problem here ! Never had a problem with the silver and gold rings I used to wear, but just got engaged to a fabulous man and his family gave me their heirloom rings as engagement rings - probably dating back to the 20s - no marks on the platinum one (channel set) and 14k white gold the other. I wore both together with no problems for a couple of months - then this EXACT same rash you've all mentioned. Right side of ring finger too. It's very distressing. The rash cleared up with cream and no wearing rings for about 4 weeks, then bam, back again today.

Common factors both times.. first time it happened was after a long flight, swollen fingers, wet hands, humidity.. this time.. also humid where I am and probably not drying hands as I did a few weeks ago (will try taking them off to wash etc in future)

Also it's possible that it's a nickel reaction with the white gold ring... also possible that the channel setting of the platinum is trapping water underneath.

I'd love to find out what it is. My wedding ring will be platinum, (family ring also) and I so much want to wear it. I guess if I can't they will be disappointed too, but I may have to go for silver or titanium.

Anyway, am in the same boat folks ! So disappointing but glad to know it's not just me !

Posted by: May on December 6, 2005 12:50 PM

I have had this same rash. After becoming pregnant, I gained weight, which caused my usually loose rings to become tighter. That is when I noticed the rash. I had it on my wedding hand and the other hand because of another ring on that finger. I had them all re-sized, and they all fit perfectly loose like before and no longer cause the rash.

Posted by: Amanda on December 6, 2005 01:54 PM

HERE'S A TIP: I have a 14K Gold Yellow Gold ring and have SOOOO many of these similar problems. It sucks b/c it seems there's no solution. I have used the clear nail polish trick and sofar that's the ONLY thing that works for me...till it wears off. It's a hassel & at first a bit sticky but it does keep the itchies and uglies away. JUST A TIP! Try it...
I'm going to try someone's tip to soak the ring in Hydrogen Peroxide. Sounds like it could be helpful. Maybe it's fungus that gets stuck in parts of the ring that have an affect on skin? Just a guess. Makes sense...
Good luck

Posted by: Julie on December 6, 2005 08:39 PM

This is driving me nuts! I've tried everything...yellow & white gold (all carats), platinum, steel, titanium etc., etc....but each time the rash comes back it gets worse! The rash spreads further up my finger each time and has now reached the base of my finger nail.
Steroid cream is the only thing to clear it up.

One thing that does confuse me though....if it is a reaction to the nickel - how come I can wear earrings and a watch etc with no problems? Surely my ears should itch too?

Anyone else ok wearing other jewellery?

Posted by: Treacy on December 7, 2005 04:51 AM

I am not a metalurgist, chemist or jeweler but...

There has been some talk about using acids and/or hydrogen peroxide as a "pickle" which may help. It might just be that you are actually removing residual nickel from the aloy that the ring is made from. For example a common method or removing lead from brass (yes brass contains a percentage of lead) is to use two parts vinegar (5% acid) mixed with one part hydrogen peroxide (3%). This removes the surface lead. The acid is apparently a catalyst for the peroxide. This can greatly tarnish brass if left too long. Could this have a similar effect on nickel and possibly reduce the skins reaction??? Just thought I would through that out there. PLEASE! - no one try to disolve your ring in acid. Chemicals can quickly pit metals/stone if you are not careful. I will try some experiments and keep you posted.

Posted by: Craig on December 16, 2005 10:24 AM

I know there have been A LOT of suggestions of different types of topical treatments.
Sorry but here is another....I have been using "Burt's Bees Hand Salve". It comes in a little tin. I put it on at night (after removing my ring of course) and the cover it with a band aid. In the morning the redness/itch is much better. Although, by the end of the day it's back to square one.
Applying the ointment every night isn't the most convenient thing but it does help enough that I can wear my ring during the day.
Personally I think one reason that a lot of women seem to start having this problem after having kids is that I know since I have had kids I wash my hands about a ZILLION times a day.
My friend's mother (who is a jeweler) suggested taking my ring off EVERY time I wash my hands/dishes/giving kids bath, etc. She said getting water under there may not be the only cause...but it sure doesn't help.
Again, Good Luck and hope maybe this will help (and continue to help me... :) )

Posted by: Jami on December 22, 2005 10:21 AM

Thank you to everyone for posting their rash woes! Because of you all, I think I found my answer.

I am very allergic to nickel. The buttons on my jeans give me a rash, earrings made of cheap metals itch, and the backs of watches made of nickel make my wrist break out. Because of this, I was told I could never wear a white gold wedding ring (as previously mentioned, the nickel is what makes it "white").

I was married in August, and two months later my antique platinum ring was giving me a rash, especially between my ring and middle fingers. It is an eternity band, so I tried removing the ring while I slept and while I washed my hands to avoid trapping water/soap behind it. I also tried the liquid bandaid during the day, all to no avail.

Finally I found this site, and had my ring boiled and rhodium plated. 2 months later I am still wearing my ring, rash free! So maybe the other 5% of my ring is Cobalt or Iridium?

Hopefully this will help someone else too, it certainly sucks to spend all that money on a ring and not be able to wear it!
Good luck!

Posted by: Heidi on January 2, 2006 11:48 AM

I have the same problem every one else is talking about. It started about a year ago. I only wear a wedding ring for very special occasions where I won't be getting my hand wet.... It works but I feel naked and cheated that I can't wear a wedding ring. I want to buy a new ring and was thinking of Platinum. After hearing all this talk about platinum also causing the same thing I am disappointed. Has anyone bought a steel ring and been fine even months later? Where do you buy them.

Posted by: Francie on January 3, 2006 06:54 PM

I tried using a hot vinegar and peroxide solution 5 minute soak. This didn't effect the white gold or yellow gold whatsoever. I even put my ring back on over my itch red rash and no problems. No more rash or itch after three weeks. Not sure if it was the hot solution or the pickle but I don't have ring rash anymore! I get to keep my old ring and No platnum required.

Thanks for providing a place to go for some solutions.

Posted by: Craig on January 4, 2006 08:49 AM

reading other pages on this same subject. From what I can find platinum is not 100 percent. Like gold it has to have fillers. Most platinum rings have nickel but only about 5 percent, much lower than other metals. But still...it itches. I had my ring for 2 years, then all of a sudden, rash. It heals then comes back. I will try a antihistamine though. Thanks and good luck.

Posted by: Teresa on February 3, 2006 08:02 PM

I have the very same problem as described above - wore my 14 carat yellow gold wedding band for many years without a problem, then about 9 yrs ago I developed the most awful itchy blistery swollen, leather-skin-like rash. I've seen several dermatologists for it - nothing seems to work tho bactroban (a prescription antibx) helps a bit when the blisters break open. Atopiclair (a relatively new on the market non-steroidal cream)worked amazingly for about 1 month - thought I was cured, but now the symptoms are back same as before. Taking the rings off doesn't do much except relieve the acute swelling. I'm ready to try a new ring but not sure what. Has anyone seen a difference in switching from a channelset ring to one with diamonds in raised prongs? ALso, has anyone had any success with switching to an 18 carat ring (or is 18 carats too soft)?

Posted by: Rebecca on February 7, 2006 07:33 PM

I have had eczema(on my hands) off and on for most of my life, it is pretty ugly! I have actually been clear of symptoms for about 4 years. I've worn my wedding ring (14 carat yellow gold) for 13 years & never had a problem up until about 3 months ago. I recieved a cut on my face from a piece of metal, within one week my wedding ring & mothers ring fingers were a complete rash from my knuckle down. UGLY once again. I'm wondering if any one has tried sterling silver?? I can only wear sterling silver in my ears. I just want to wear a wedding ring again, even if it is cheap.

Posted by: shana on February 9, 2006 09:39 PM

oh yeah, go easy on the steroid creams! they thin your skin. I'm 34 years old and have old lady skin!!! It tears very easily.

Posted by: shana on February 9, 2006 09:42 PM

Well... I got here because I googled "ring finger rash"... but I don't wear a ring on my left hand where the itchy rash is. I have rings on my right hand and no rashes. Not to be weird or anything... but this sounds... well, really weird! What's up with this finger rash? Is there anyone out there like me who has gotten the rash with no rings???

Posted by: Nana on February 18, 2006 01:47 AM

OK. I gave this tip sometime back. Soak it in Hydogine Peroxide. Please post then if it works. Soak at least 3 hours. I did it and lost the rash. It just came back but it was a little over three months. I am trying the same thing again. I think bacteria gets trapped that can't come off unless sterilized. Others have been successful with boiling and soaking in viniger.Please try and hope it works.

Posted by: Dawn on February 19, 2006 02:32 AM

for those of you having trouble with white gold go to this website for some information on why it affects you. http://www.artisanplating.com/faqs/whitegoldfaqs.html
I learned i was allergic to white gold when i recieved my class ring. the company took my ring back and coated it with something that took almost 4 years to wear off. it just recently wore off and i've been having the allergic reaction again. I just emailed the company today to find out if i could get it recoated...and what they had coated it with in the first place.
i just got engaged, and my fiance' and i were going to buy a white gold ring, thinking that all jewlers would do this coating, but none that i have found do. does anyone know what i'm talking about? and if so, do you know where i could get my engagement ring coated at? i had my heart set on this ring, but if i cant wear it, my fiance' wont buy it.

Posted by: Janie on February 19, 2006 06:08 PM

I've read about a year's worth of everyone's comments and haven't found anything I haven't already tried. I have had reactions to ANY metal ring for well probably 15 years now (and I'm "only" 36). I gave up wearing rings until HE came along. I now have a beautiful platium wedding band and engagement ring sitting in a ring holder. I truly believe the rash is caused by soap and water and other stuff getting and staying under the ring. Now I only wear my rings for very short periods of time (like a couple hours). I hate the idea of losing my rings when I'm out in public because I took them off to wash my hands. I think the rash is better than losing one of my rings. I can't even imagine that happening. Just be careful if you do that! I personally don't think there is a solution. It stinks, I know.

Posted by: Pamela on February 21, 2006 09:08 AM


Forgive me for being long winded:

My father passed away in '86 and my mother gave me his wedding band to wear when I got married last year. This said, I will not be getting another ring. I am half tempted to wear my father's ring until all my fingers fall off and I have none left to wear it on. I only wish I could do that. In all honesty though, I'm in the same boat here folks. It is a plain 14k gold without stones or patterns. I got the rash and now I can only wear the ring 1-3 days outta the month. Crappy-doo!

I am NOT a doctor, jeweler, chemist, metallurgist, etc. I AM a patient reader and have read ALL the previous posts on this very loooooong page. :)

There are some very important things on this page that are truly helpful. I would like to sum up some of the points here that jumped out at me for everyone to refer to:

1. Allergies exist and can cause problems.
2. Fungi exist and can cause problems.
3. Reactions to things stuck under the ring exist and can cause problems.

A recurring theme has appeared in all these posts. No problems for months/years and all of a sudden, RASH! While chemical allergies to nickel and other alloys seem to be the most widely accepted cause, what about fungi and bacteria getting trapped in the pores, nicks, and scratches under/inside the ring? Pam asked the question: if it is an allergic reaction, why doesn't the rash appear on the [adjacent] fingers which also have contact with the ring? It seems that the area between the adjacent fingers is allowed to air out more than the area between the ring and the finger its on. This allowance of more air would not make for a suitable breeding ground for the bacteria and/or fungi that could be responsible for the rash. I know, I know, this could also have something to do with the chemical reaction between the metals and your skin based on utilizing the trapped moisture as a catalyst as well. Truth is, they both stand to reason.

Boiling, coating, and pickling the rings seem to help some people. Wouldn't that remove any impurities trapped in the surface scratches? Craig mentioned that these methods should neutralize/remove the nickel or other surface allergens; I'm not discounting that as a possibility. What I am saying is that the benefits could be two fold. Metal is porous; there are tiny holes, cracks, and crevices in the surface. Sounds like a nice place to hide some nasty rash causing stuff, right? Julie was one of the others that echoed this thought as well. This also resounds in the ones that say their other rings and earrings don’t have the same effect even though they may contain the same or more nickel than their ring. Platinum, though thought to be hypo allergenic for the most part, is porous and malleable thus providing nicks and scratches to store rash causing baddies. Like I said before though, this might not be the case for everyone.

1. Buy a different ring comprised of a different metallurgical composition
2. Eliminate contact of whatever causes the rash
a) avoid using store bought cleaners
b) use an ultrasonic cleaner*
c) boil the ring
d) pickle in a solution of hydrogen peroxide
e) coat the inside of the ring with
i. clear nail polish
ii. liquid bandaid/super glue
iii. clear medical tape
iv. rhodium
f) keep your finger dry
i. take the ring off when washing hands
ii. take the ring off when sweating or in humid environments
iii. take the ring off when working with chemicals
iv. take the ring off when sleeping

* In my opinion, the ultrasonic cleaner should be used before pickling and boiling to remove solids from nicks and scratches. Thus, with the solids removed, the boiling/pickling process should be more effective by allowing the water/hydrogen peroxide to penetrate into places that would otherwise be obstructed by the solid materials.

Buying a different ring also accomplishes the second choice listed above. My impression is that some (not all) of the people who bought a new ring could have purchased a ring of identical metallurgical composition and seen their symptoms disappear; this might be based solely on the fact that the new ring would likely have a new coating with less nicks and scratches to collect the things that were originally causing the rash on the older contaminated ring. Please note that this may not be the case for all people here on this board and that this is just my opinion and I am not an expert.

If option one is not really an option, then option 2 is your only other choice, right? I plan to use all of these methods short of buying a new ring. From the sounds of everyone else’ experience, option 2 should work wonderfully.

Posted by: wylie on February 21, 2006 10:06 AM

Thanks to Wylie for a very informative overview of an extremely repetitive post. I only wish I had scrolled to the end instead of reading all the other posts : )

On another note, has anyone tried performing a "heavy metal' cleanse? I was curious as to whether purging a build-up of metals within the body would help de-sensitize our skin to the constant exposure of whatever metal is causing the problem?

Posted by: Heather on February 21, 2006 01:30 PM

Hello, I too found this site due to getting the red patches under my rings. This has happened to me off and on throughout my life. It has been pointed out to me that our bodies are supposed to have a pH balance of around 7.4, and that if we are becoming too acidic, the moisture in our skin can start a reaction with the metal in our jewelry. How about we all try to eat a diet that will correct our pH balance, and see if that heals our ring rashes? A book called the GI diet is supposed to contain this info. Look forward to hearing results, as I will try it too.

Posted by: chel on February 23, 2006 12:43 PM

Wow! This is so crazy!I thought I was the only one who got rashes like this. I have a gorgeous platinum wedding set and my husband is convinced I just want new rings! I think the problem is not the metals, as I can wear any earring, I even have my belly button pierced, but soap, water and cleaners underneath. I have heard it called "contact dermatitis".Everyone seems to clear up after they take the rings off, so I think it is mostly due to trapped water, soap, etc. I have not done a cleanse as recommended above, but I eat super healthy, mostly organic and I still have this problem. It must be from detergents. It is an inconvenience but I think the only answer is to take our rings off when cleaning and washing!

Posted by: Colleen on February 26, 2006 08:52 AM

I just wanted to point 2 things out in response to some of the above comments:
(1)Not wearing my rings does NOT quickly clear up the rash. I've gone without my rings on either hand for weeks at a time & still had the itchiness & blisters come & go. Not wearing the rings allows the weeping blisters to heal, but usually requires that I use Bactroban ointment (note: not Bactroban cream)(This is a triple antibiotic with an anti-fungal agent - my theory is that there's some chronic infection - bacterial &/or fungal- that I just can't seem to fully get rid of); and
(2) Even when I put both my wedding band & engagement ring together on the same finger, the ring finger on the other hand has a reaction, too, tho not usually as bad - I have no explanation for this whatsoever. However, 14K Earring, bracelets & necklaces do not bother me.
I have tried many many creams & lotions, bandaids, shea butter, steroids, etc. The antibiotic/antifungal seems to help the most, tho at this point I only wear my rings very occasionally & definitely not at night. As I said in an earlier post, Atopiclair (prescription, non-steroidal) cleared up both hands almost completely for about a month. I'm a little nervous about going the peroxide/boiling route, the ultrasonic cleaninf sounds like a possible option. Has anyone had relief with the use of anti-histamines?

Posted by: Rebecca on February 28, 2006 06:02 PM

I am with all of you, I too have started about a year ago with the red, blister, flaky, rash, but I also get black smudges around my fingers, the one with the rings on and the one next to them. I have 14K gold engagement and wedding set that I have worn for 8 years and just started about a year ago with this problem. I have looked at several sites to see what else I could wear that I would not get this rash, it is very frustrating. My jeweler told me "there is no nickle in gold anymore, they use other alloys, but not nickle" so what else could we be allergic to?? I also get black marks when I wear certain gold earrings, not all gold does this to me. My husband bought me a cheap ($14.97) 10K wedding band at Wal Mart to see if this gave me any problems, I also do not like the idea of not wearing something to show that I am married, and I have not had a problem with this ring, but as soon as I put my good engagement ring on with it, I get the black smudge before the day is out, so off comes the ring!! I just don't know what to try. My husband is afraid of buying another set and the same thing happening again.

Posted by: Linda on March 4, 2006 04:58 AM

For those that have used the boil treatment, Has anyone NOT had boiling your ring fix the problem? I am somewhat curious of the percentages of success and the treatments used.

Posted by: Craig on March 10, 2006 12:15 PM

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one with this problem. I've been wearing my 18K yellow gold engagement ring for a year now and all of a sudden I've developed an itchy, blistery rash. I tried a hydrogen peroxide soak, but perhaps I didn't do it long enough, because when I tried to wear my ring again I got blistering almost immediately. I really want to wear a ring and my fiance has offered to buy me another one in platinum, but what if I have a similar reaction? I'd be willing to try almost anything at this point.

Posted by: Fredericka on March 11, 2006 06:20 PM

OK, I've given in & tried a combination of boiling/steaming my 14K gold rings yesterday for about 1-2 minutes - hoping this works!

Posted by: Rebecca on March 12, 2006 08:15 AM

- There are some important details on these treatments that people are missing if they want this to actually work. -

To effectively sanitize a ring, boil time should be closer to 15 minutes. If boiling is too harsh just try to hit around 185 F. This would kill most common bacteria or fungus. The correct time is critical for sanitation.

Peroxide only works when mixed with some type of catalyst, vinegar would be a good one (see post above) two parts vinegar (5% acid) mixed with one part hydrogen peroxide (3%) Heating this combination will speed its effectiveness but this process can work against you causing tarnishing if left too long. **This process should be watched carefully!** In this case 3-5 minutes should do the job. (Do NOT use bleach)

Posted by: Craig on March 13, 2006 06:08 AM

I am sooooo happy I found this. I am amazed that so many people have my problem. I have worn a 14K gold wedding set for all 12 years of my marriage. Over the last year or so, as soon as my finger starts to itch, I remove my wedding set. But, apparently I'm so hypersensitive to nickel, by then it's too late. The red, itchy, oozy bumps come and by the next day, I have a black, flaky ring around my finger. I use a steroid cream that helps the itching and speeds up the healing a bit. I tried the nail polish thing, and it seemed to work about a week. After 5 days, I felt a slight twinge of itching, so I took my rings off. By the next day, I had the worst rash ever. It took two weeks to completely clear up. I have known for years that an allergy to my 14K gold jewelry seemed to be hormone related, due to the "timing" of my breakouts. Lo and behold I found an obscure article in a medical website that said some women develop nickel allergies during certain "times" (sorry fella's, hate to go there, but...) Unfortunately for me, my hormones are all woppy doodle right now, so I cant wear my 14K gold wedding rings at all. Nor can I wear 14K diamond studs, nor my pendant. I have purchased a very pretty sterling silver/rhodium plated cz wedding set, and have not had a problem in the world. I was thinking of buying an 18K gold set, but after reading all the posts from people who are still allergic to 18K (and platinum, wow), I don't know. Am I doomed to a sterling silver/rhodium plated cz wedding set forever????

Posted by: Kimberly on March 15, 2006 07:19 PM

I have a 50 year old wedding set that I have been wearing for the past 7 years with no problem. Suddenly, I have the same problem as everyone else on this list. I don't have hormone issues as I had a hysterectomy in '96 and am on HRT. However, my rash started immediately after being under general anesthesia. Has anyone else had similar? My set is very old and dear to me, I couldn't think about replacing it. Any suggestions?

Posted by: Suzanne Gracik on March 17, 2006 07:29 AM

I forgot to mention, my set is 14k yellow gold. I can wear white gold or yellow gold on my right hand with no problems. Although, I haven't tried the wedding set on the right hand. They wouldn't fit without being sized up and I have a wedding band, engagement ring (both 50 years old) and an anniversary band with channel set diamonds (only a year old). The anniversary band seems to have done the most damage this last time.

Posted by: Suzanne Gracik on March 17, 2006 07:33 AM

I have recently come across a website called nonickel.com that has a brush on nickel barrier (U40 Perma Gloss) that can be used for buttons or jewelry if you're nickel sensitive. Has anyone tried such a thing? It was only $12.00; I'm thinking or ordering it. Like I said in my previous post, the clear nail polish thing didn't last for me.

Posted by: Kimberly on March 18, 2006 07:42 AM

I posted a few weeks ago that I had given in & tried the boiling method - surprisingly, this does seem to have worked! I boiled/steamed my gold rings for about 1-2 minutes total.

Posted by: Rebecca on April 6, 2006 03:57 PM

Has anyone considered the possibility of a "yeast type" infection that develops in the area due to wetness and bacteria and never clears up w/o the proper med to kill a yeast type bacteria?

Posted by: Theresa on April 10, 2006 11:38 AM

I am happy to have found this site! I have been wearing my rings for 5 years now, and have just gotten this nasty red, blistery rash on my finger. I just had a child as well. It is driving me crazy too. I am going to try the hydrogen peroxide and boiling methods!

But.. are there any over the counter meds you can put ont he rash?

Posted by: Lana on April 24, 2006 07:23 PM

WOW! I too am amazed at this site. Both my husband and I developed a rash from our wedding bands at the same time almost. Our rings are from Kay Jewelers. It's like a red blistery itchy rash. Kays won't replace the rings, we've had them cleaned, rhodiumed, and nothing works. Any remedies yet? I want to wear my ring, I love it. Plus i have 2 kids under 2 years old...I want people to know I am married.

Posted by: Starla on April 25, 2006 10:44 AM

It seems people have solutions for the rings, but what about the rash? I cant get into the doc for a few more weeks!!

Posted by: Lana on April 25, 2006 02:53 PM

its funny after 6 years of wearing my wedding ring I never really had a problem, ever. And after reading everyone elses' opinions and comments i am wondering if its just water and whatever thats accumulating and causing my irritation. Just recently i started getting the ithchy, flaky rash while wearing my wedding ring, so i took it off and it got better but it took like a solid week w/o any ointment (i actually tried balmex, but nothing signifcant happended). so i put my ring on the ring finger on my right hand and then that started to get irritated. My theory is now that I have two kids, and am responsible for a whole household i think the cleaning and water issues are starting to affect me. i guess i can honestly say i have never cleaned this much before in my life. ha!

Posted by: steph on May 17, 2006 03:55 PM

Wow, I thought I was the only one who became allergic to a hypoallergenic metal! I've been wearing my platinum engagement ring for 4 years and my platinum wedding band for 1 year and I just developed a rash. I thought that it was a fungal infection (I'm in medical school now, and of course we're supposed to assume everything is an infection!) so I treated it with an OTC antifungal. It went away, and I put the rings back on and it came back! Now I see I must have an allergy. I guess I'll have to see an allergist. My husband is really sad that I can't wear the rings and I feel really bad about it. If I find anything out I'll post again.

Posted by: ewa on May 22, 2006 11:50 AM

Just an update - it has now been about 2 months since I tried the boil/steam method (for about 2 minutes) & I've been able to wear both of my 14K rings continuously since then without getting any rash, itchiness or weeping bumps on my fingers. I have not in any way, shape of form changed my hand washing habits in the last 2 months, nor have I needed to apply any lotions/potions, etc to my fingers since I boiled/steamed. When I told my dermatologist about this miracle, he thought I was nuts - insisted it was just due to the change in weather, but I had had the rash/itchy/allergy problem with my rings non-stop for the last several years, so I really am now convinced that the boiling/steaming somehow got rid of some fungal/bacterial agent. Just thought I'd pass this on because I'm amazed that this simple process worked. If other people try it, I'd be interested to hear the results.

Posted by: Rebecca on May 23, 2006 06:54 PM

I posted my woes back on 11/6/2005. After beaucoup years I had developed a nasty rash under my platinum ring. I tried the topical steroids, pickling the ring, etc. Nothing worked.

What has worked for me was to sprinkle a little NYSTOP powder on my finger every morning and then put the ring back on. It keeps the underside dry and is an antifungal.

NYSTOP is a perscription brand of nystatin antifungal antibiotic.

Your mileage may vary.



Posted by: Alexander Neil on May 24, 2006 03:09 PM

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG FOUND SOLUTION SOOOOO HAPPY!!! ok my ring is huge...over 35big diamonds and i never had this problem untill 2.5 years into my marriage, the itchy finger and the flakey skin that blisters and it was so painful and i was so fustrated and pissed. and one day i smelled my ring after wearing it on top of my rash and it smelled MOLDY!! on the inside of my ring b/c its so fricken huge their are these flower designs and i took a bright light and looked inside it and seen this dark slimy mold! i couldent believe it!!! then i put two and two tog, and said ok this ring is so fricken big, that when i wash my hands the mold and darkness of the inside create a breeding ground for this mold and thats why my POOR little finger was suffering with these mold eaters eating up my finger!!!!!! so i took the advice from people on this post and put the ring in peroxide and guess what???? ----MY RING STARTED FIZZING---- and we all know that if their is a enemy in the camp peroxide will sizzle it out. left it in their for a day and then just to make sure i boiled it too.(1-2 minn)..and VUALLLA!!!!! no rash!!! im so happy i can wear my ring again!! try it u have nothing to loose!!! im so happy bc i have a huge ring and i loved the compliments i got from it!! now i wear it and NO FUNGUS OR MOLD!! that is the colprate!! post if it works :) thanks Falicia

Posted by: Falicia on May 31, 2006 06:52 AM

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG FOUND SOLUTION SOOOOO HAPPY!!! ok my ring is huge...over 35big diamonds and i never had this problem untill 2.5 years into my marriage, the itchy finger and the flakey skin that blisters and it was so painful and i was so fustrated and pissed. and one day i smelled my ring after wearing it on top of my rash and it smelled MOLDY!! on the inside of my ring b/c its so fricken huge their are these flower designs and i took a bright light and looked inside it and seen this dark slimy mold! i couldent believe it!!! then i put two and two tog, and said ok this ring is so fricken big, that when i wash my hands the mold and darkness of the inside create a breeding ground for this mold and thats why my POOR little finger was suffering with these mold eaters eating up my finger!!!!!! so i took the advice from people on this post and put the ring in peroxide and guess what???? ----MY RING STARTED FIZZING---- and we all know that if their is a enemy in the camp peroxide will sizzle it out. left it in their for a day and then just to make sure i boiled it too.(1-2 minn)..and VUALLLA!!!!! no rash!!! im so happy i can wear my ring again!! try it u have nothing to loose!!! im so happy bc i have a huge ring and i loved the compliments i got from it!! now i wear it and NO FUNGUS OR MOLD!! that is the colprate!! post if it works :) thanks Falicia

Posted by: Falicia on May 31, 2006 06:59 AM

I have a beautiful 18-k white gold engagement ring which never gave me any problems until about 6 months ago or so. Same issue as you all have. Itchy, flaky skin. I think its caused by water and dirt getting trapped on the underside of the ring. It goes away when I take the ring off for a few days. A nurse at the hospital where I work said it was eczema. Anyway, this also happened to me a few years ago with a sterling siler ring. At first it was great, and then I got the rash. I don't want to stop wearing my rings!!! If I ever find a cure (which I think might be a good cleaning/polishing from the jeweler) I will let you all know.

Posted by: Michele on June 2, 2006 09:05 AM

Fascinating. Because of the content but also because:
1) People are generally so nice to each other- that is so fantastic. The internet is a great thing. Such mutual support and advice is great.
2) People have no idea about how their bodies work, that's fascinating. How clueless some people are is impressive.
3) The extent to which doctors are clueless is impressive, but even more amazing is how they quickly seem to prescribe very strong drugs- here, try this prescription strength cream which will thin the skin on your hands or compromise your immune system.
4) The extent to which people are willing to go through such agony to wear a ring is also impressive. The number one solution to all these problems is, simply... take the ring off. I like wearing a wedding ring, too, but if my finger started to blister and/or rot away, guess what? I'd take it off.
5) People can't spell worth a damn. Either can I, but at least I know how to use a spell checker. The poor spelling is rivaled only by terrible grammar.

Just my two cents. I'm not judging here (except for #3 and #5) and don't mean to flame, but couldn't resist adding a post.

Posted by: dan R on June 15, 2006 12:33 PM

Hey, Dan: You misspelled "neither."

Posted by: Jerry on June 19, 2006 08:08 AM

Problem Solved! Thanks to the people who suggested cleaning my plat. ring in peroxide, and boiling for 2 minutes. I haven't been able to wear it since having my son 18 months ago because of the red blistery, itchy rash that always came after wearing it even a little while...It seemed like I tried everything! Then after reading this about 3 wks ago, I soaked it in peroxide for a few minutes, scrubbed the inside of it, (some gross blackish/grey stuff came out of the inside of the ring --mold???), soaked in peroxide some more, boiled for 2 minutes, let it sit in vinegar a little bit for the shine, and let it air dry. I still can't believe the results...But it does seem to have done the trick!

I have been wearing my ring for about 3 weeks now (I'm working up to slowly wearing it continuously)...It's amazing! The rash and itchiness seem to be gone, and I've even worn it overnight...Hope this works for some of you as well. Thanks for all your tips!!!! Good luck!

Posted by: Colleen on June 26, 2006 12:01 PM

Is it OK to put a ring w/ diamonds into peroxide? I don't want the settings to come loose, esp. if I boil it.

Posted by: Sarah on July 17, 2006 06:00 AM

Solved my problem, too!! I've had trouble with my platinum wedding band w/ diamonds causing a rash and blisters on just one side of my finger. I couldn't wear it for months. I took the suggestion of soaking it in peroxide for a few minutes which loosened all kinds of junk that was inside my ring. You might need to gently swish the ring around a little to help loosen the junk. I then boiled the ring over the stove for 2 to 3 minutes and let it air dry. It's been almost a month and I've not had any problems. I'm sure it's not a permanent fix since the junk will probably build up again one day, but I wouldn't mind having to do this procedure once or twice a year, or maybe just once every few years. Who knows, only time will tell. My wife is certainly happy to see me wearing my ring again.

As far as the peroxide/boiling loosening any diamonds/stones, I really don't know if that would be a problem or not. In general diamonds/stones may get loose over time so I'd imagine anything is possible, but I can personally say that no diamonds are loose in my ring from doing the recommended procedures.

If anyone else tries this please post your experiences.

Posted by: Jim on July 20, 2006 01:18 PM

I never used peroxide. I just simply boiled/steamed my 14K yellow gold diamond engagement ring and channel-set diamond wedding band - about 2 minutes total. It worked great - nothing's loose as far as I can tell, & I've been rash-free, blister-free & itch-free ever since I did this in March (after several years with the problem). I expect that eventually I'll need to repeat the process, but that's a no-brainer.

Posted by: Rebecca on July 20, 2006 06:40 PM

I've also been having the same reaction when wearing my platinum wedding rings. If I have them on and my hands get wet, or I sleep in them I end up with an incredibly itchy rash that blisters. It's usually only on the top of my finger. If I take my rings off when washing my hands and take them off before bed, I am usually ok. I tried something new this week though after someone looked at my finger and said it looked like Athlete's Foot (ewe). I sprayed it with Lamisil...and wow, the itching stopped right away and it's healing a lot faster. It doesn't solve the problem in the first place...but it helps with healing. Thought I would share.

Posted by: Platinum ring problem on July 25, 2006 01:22 PM

I appreciate the tips on boiling and using the peroxide. I will give that a try on my platinum ring that just started causing me problems. The strange thing for me is that I haven't worn my old white gold wedding band for over three years now and I still have the eczema or whatever it is on my right hand - and its spread. It all started because of the wedding band but has never gone away :(

Posted by: Bridget on July 27, 2006 08:36 AM

I had the same problem a couple weeks ago. After being married for four years, I developed the rash. Friends told me I had a nickel allergy and had to get my ring dipped. I found this website. I had my ring cleaned by a jeweler and that did not help. I soaked my ring in 2:1 vinegar and peroxide for about 5 minutes, and then I boiled it for 15 minutes. I have been wearing it a week now and have no discomfort!!

Posted by: jennifer on August 13, 2006 12:39 PM

Same story as you all - same symptoms, didn't start for 2 years into wearing the ring. I have a feeling it has to do with water and/or soap getting trapped under the channel set diamonds. Both my rings are channel set. One is white gold and one is platinum (PT 950).

I have no allergies to metal that I know of.

Also, I have noticed a faint smell from my ring. I'm going to try the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment.

Posted by: NM on August 20, 2006 05:27 PM

Ladies I had the same problem, but my rings are yellow gold. What worked for me was Tinactin. (It's the spray our husbands use for jock itch!) What is happening is that when we wear our rings we are getting a bacteria build up. When we wash our hands we do not take off your rings to dry our hands. Try this one it does work. Good luck.

Posted by: Jeanette on August 20, 2006 05:54 PM

Thanks, Mike! I don't imagine you ever thought this particular post would generate such long lasting interest! I am going to try the boiling remedy tonight.

Posted by: Sally on August 23, 2006 08:57 AM

That's for sure! ;)

Posted by: Mike on August 23, 2006 09:39 AM

Putting the cut edge of a clove of garlic on the irritated spots (you can hold it there with a band-aid)has helped my symptoms more than anything else. Garlic has antifungal/antibiotic properties. I haven't put the rings back on yet, and will try the vinegar/peroxide boil before I do.

Posted by: Christine on September 1, 2006 08:09 AM

I have had my rings for 13 years, and I have had the rash on and off again for about a year. I tried and vinegar/peroxide trick and it works like a charm. Thank you to whomever posted that suggestion. I let my rings soak overnight in the mixture and rinsed them off in the morning, and I have been wearing them every since.

Posted by: Susie on September 1, 2006 10:56 AM

My daughter and I are looking at class ring info. She and I are both cursed with nickel allergies. I cannot wear anything with nickel because it causes a reaction.

Will lustrium from Josten's cause a problem for her? It is an alloy of chromium and nickel

Posted by: Mary on September 2, 2006 01:12 PM

Try boiling/steaming your 14 K gold ring &/or platinum rings for 1-2 minutes. I did this in March with my gold wedding band (channel set) & gold engagement ring & the itchy, red, scaley, blistery, oozing that I had had for close to 9 years (after many years of wearing these same rings without any problem) went totally away. All the steroid & non-steroidal creams that I tried did nothing to help. Boling/steaming was an immediate (& apparently permanent) fix though I suppose I will re-boil/re-steam every once in a while to avoid what I believe was a fungal/bacterial build-up problem from re-occurring.I wear my rings continuously now & the skin is 100% back to normal. I would be curious to hear if others are successful with this.

Posted by: Rebecca on September 4, 2006 12:04 PM

I'm having the same type of RASH on my fingers. Had it at an earlier age under my graduation ring and couldn't wear it, but it was GOLD. Now all of my rings are either sterling silver or White Gold and now it's happening on my wedding ring finger and a couple other fingers. I thought that the water thing under the ring was my problem also, because I never take them off, which I should. This site has been very helpful and I'm going to try some of these ideas. Thanks so much.

Posted by: Linda on September 14, 2006 07:20 AM

My mom is allergic to nickel too. As for titanium, it is typically alloyed with aluminum and vanadium. This actually make the Ti stronger and more scratch resistant. Pure titanium will show wear over time. You can contact custom Ti jewelery maker to ask about their nickel content and to request none. The posted URL is to one such custom maker (Boonerings.com).

Posted by: PW on September 16, 2006 01:56 PM

I, like so many others, am so glad I found this site! I've been getting the rash for about 2 months now after wearing my engagement ring for 3 years and my wedding band for 2 years. I definitely think it is some kind of fungus/bacteria in the ring that needs to be killed. I highly doubt it is an allergic reaction as it's fine when I wear the rings around my neck on my chain. Both the chain and rings are 14k gold.

So last night I pickled my rings in the 2 part vinegar, 1 part peroxide solution overnight. Then I boiled them this morning for 15 minutes. I copied and pasted a little section I found on a jewelry site with directions for boiling.

I will come back in a couple weeks to let everyone know whether or not it worked for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

Boil gently, cool slowly
Restrict this method of cleaning to jewelry that just won't clean up by other methods. Even though boiling is listed as safe for several stones on the accompanying Gem Cleaning Chart, I strongly suggest you restrict this method to Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires (the colors of the American Flag). Follow the directions carefully, making sure to avoid "thermal shock" (sudden and extreme temperature change) that can fracture a stone. In other words, do not drop the jewelry in water that is already boiling!

You will need a pan of room-temperature water, and a strainer that will keep the jewelry off the bottom of the pan. A screen-like strainer will work, as will a tea strainer. Use a small amount of laundry or dishwashing detergent in the water. Put the jewelry in the strainer, and suspend in the pan. Slowly bring the pot of water to a boil, and boil for 10-20 minutes. Watch carefully, and do not leave the jewelry unattended! Do not add cold water if the water level falls: that could cause thermal shock! Remove the pan from the burner, and let cool slowly. Once the water is back to room temperature, you may give the jewelry a final brushing, rinse and dry. Your jewelry should be sparkling clean! (Remember to check for missing stones.)

Posted by: Katey on September 19, 2006 04:30 AM

I have had the rash on and off for years and have been told many different solutions or that there is no solution. I now feel that there is hope. I can't wait to go home and peroxide and boil my rings.

Thank you everyone for your input here.

Posted by: Mandy on September 19, 2006 06:24 AM

I had the same issue with my rings but I was grateful to find this site and read comments. I found a winning combination with the following:

1. Soak rings in hydrogen peroxide for 30 min.
2. Boil rings for 2-3 minutes in water.
3. Take rings off every time I wash my hands or come in contact with any kind of moisture (like cleaning or exercising). Dry my hands completely before putting rings back on -- every single time.

Good luck!!

Posted by: Meg on September 21, 2006 01:30 PM

I have platinum rings and the same problem. I actually had my engagment ring re-set in new platinum becuase I thought I had been duped... but the rash came back! I don't even have to get my hand wet. Just putting my ring on for half an hour gives me a rash so I am sceptical about the wet/bacteria/soap theory. Does anyone know if stones can be claw set in steel? Is it strong enough? I have a piercing in steel and I don't seem to be allergic to that so maybe I will give it a try.

Posted by: Emma on September 26, 2006 11:10 AM

Hello again, just thought I'd add that my previous post was experince from the store i worked at alone, not to down on anyone that is a jewler, but the store I worked at is all I can speak for and there is at least one in every state, and more like 6 or more in every state! Anyways, RHODIUM PLATING should NOT help. It is basically extracting the yellow gold flipping it inside out and it becomes white. It's really more to it that that, but that's the easiest way to explain it! It has all the same properties, all the same % of metal etc. And it wears off within a few years depending on cleaning... So I wouldn't waste my money on that!

Posted by: Heather on October 8, 2006 08:40 PM

For anyone who has tried the boiling/vinegar/peroxide method. Do you wait until your finger heals before wearing your rings again? I had worn my original set of rings for over 20 years with no issue, then once I added an anniversary band and had the three soldered together the problems began....think it was several months after. So, I did the take them off, wait for healing, put them back on cycle for a couple years then gave up and quit wearing them altogether. For our 25th anniversary, my husband bought a new set for me that were VERY expensive and more and bigger diamonds, wider bands, etc. These again were fine for about a year before the same thing started happening. So maybe it involves the wideness of the bands? (We were 18 and our original rings were narrow bands....we were broke). I have been back in the vicious cycle again, and so sad that I cannot wear my pretty rings. I want to try the methods suggested, and am at this moment boiling my rings....gotta go out and get some vinegar and peroxide....do I wait for my finger to heal before I put them back on?

Posted by: Anne G. on October 19, 2006 02:58 PM

In answer to the above poster who wanted to know if it is necessary to wait for the finger to completely heal before putting the ring back on after boiling it, I can tell you from experience that if I had waited it would have been a very long wait. I did not put it on while I had open oozing, but as soon as that cleared up, I did put my rings back on & the rough skin just cleared up with time. My fingers no longer itch. I have continued to boil/steam my rings for about 1-2 mins every couple of months, & I wear my rings continuously - day & night, in & out of water without a problem now. I did not bother to use peroxide either.

Posted by: Rebecca on October 29, 2006 09:09 AM

I am so happy to have found this site and know I am not alone with the platinum ring rash. I wore my rings for 5 years with no problem and then developed the same rash others described. I have already tried most of what people suggested on my own, as well as visited a dermatologist who determined I have a nickel allergy. I plan to try soaking and boiling my rings or worst case have them re-set as others on this site have. Thanks again.

Posted by: Jessica on November 25, 2006 08:31 AM

I have the same problem! I am boiling a ring as we speak. I have a sterling silver ring with stones and behind the holes of the stone is where my finger gets the rash.

Thank goodness my real jewelry does not give me this problem or I would be heartbroken.

It is a mystery because I have worn fashion rings (fake jewelry) that have not made my skin break out but this particular sterling silver ring does. Perhaps it is the level of nickel in this ring.

I just found something called Hypo Shield in my drawer that I had probably bought decades ago for a watch. I wish I knew where to get more.

Hopefully, we can find a permanent way to get rid of these rashes and enjoy our jewels!

Posted by: Cari on December 2, 2006 05:54 PM

I wore my white gold wedding ring for 10 years, before my rash started this past autumn. At first I thought I had some kind of caustic house cleaning product residue on it, so I soaked it in everything to try to clean it. To no avail. I would try to "interval" heal it, leaving it off for 1-2 weeks and then putting it back on. Only to have the red, beefy, itching, burning rash appear under it again within hours. I too am broken hearted like the others on this site. As a chemist, I am familiar with what the onset of a chronic contact dermititis type of allergy looks like, as I slowly developed over years an identical allergy to the latex in lab gloves. That is what this is with the ring. It can come on slowly, and there is unfortunately nothing to clean away to remedy it, as it is an allergy to the components of the ring itself. I am now contemplating wearing my ring on a beatiful necklace, in the hopes that the edge bumping against my chest will not cause such an irritation. It was helpful to me to hear that other rings did not work well for others on this site, so my husband and I don't waste too much optimism (and money) trying a platinum ring.

Posted by: Lisa on December 27, 2006 10:59 AM

I actually sat here and read every single post.

My wonderful boyfriend bought me a pre-engagement ring. When I received it a few days ago for Christmas I was beyond ecstatic! The first night I wore it I felt a slight burn, and I figured I just wasn't used to the ring yet - but I did take it off to sleep. Then just yesterday (the day after Christmas) I felt yet more burning and slipped the ring off occasionally, but largely ignored it. But today, the burning became quite intense, and I took off the ring to find the rash; I still feel it many hours later, but thankfully I took the ring off quick enough that it is disappearing.

I've only had this 14k white gold ring for 2 days, so certainly no mold/other allergens have gotten into it already. I actually made an appointment with an allergist tomorrow because I suspect I have an allergy to nickel (runs in the family), which would explain why my gums are sore also from the amalgum fillings in my mouth.

It's all making sense.. I'm going to try platinum. I borrowed a platinum ring (10% Iridium) and have worn it for awhile and have had no problems yet!

Posted by: Rebecca L on December 27, 2006 06:55 PM

We read every post on this - here is what I've learned:

The allergies described (exactly like I have) arise from almost any metal - mine is platinum, and it's definitely a high-quality platimum ring. We had our rings designed, and it was such a heavy ring that the designer suggested opening a part in the top. After my wife cleaned it (for too long) in the red cleaner described above, it caused the rash that everyone here describes. Mine ring is entirely platinum but only the open part at top causes the rash.

Clearly, the open part was able to collect germs after some sort of protective coating wore off after it was cleaned. Since then it was impossible to wear as the rash was like a bad burn...

the reason mostly women are having this happen is that it's mostly women who have the open part where diamonds, etc are set. Mine was such a heavy ring, that the jeweler opened a hollow part on the inside top of the ring - exactly where the rash occurred.

Problem: there is a coating that wears off after a while - a germ forms inside an open part of the ring - you can either get the inside part flattened or filled (if you have no stones) or boil it regularly and get rid of the fungus that builds up.

It's not an allergy and not a type of metal that causes it - it's caused by a fungus that likes to hide in warm anerobic environments.

Posted by: Mark on February 9, 2007 04:53 PM

WOW finally I am not MAD! My hidious looking blistering rash on my finger is not crazyness. I have been to my dr. a dermitoligist and an allergist. Numerous Dr. bills later almost as much as my ring cost I still had no solution other than taking it off for a couple weeks so I could wear it for a day or 2. I am not sure what to do about it. I love my ring and it means so much to me but the pain is almost unbearable. I was sleeping the other night and woke up to feel a blister poping under my band. So once again I take my ring off and let it heal. But it seems to go through a process before it heals. It gets bright red and blisters up and pops and then feels like a burn for days then gets flakey then turns white but I have a constant mark there even after it has healed.

Posted by: Misty Streeter on February 17, 2007 12:09 PM

It's great to know that I am not alone! I am soooo grateful to have found this website. Thanks to all the wonderful men and women who posted solutions on this website! I have been married for 6 months now and just started experiencing this problem. My rings are 14k white gold with openings underneath the settings. The funny thing is my class ring was 10k white gold and I wore it for 8 years and never had a problem! I took off my rings as soon as I started seeing the rash and bumps and went straight to the internet (webmd to be exact) to look for solutions. I am going to try the boiling methods for my rings! Thanks again!

Posted by: Kristen, the happy newlywed! on April 2, 2007 07:50 AM

Does anyone have the dry skin that cuts on their pinky finger? Mine is right next to wear I wear my rings but it's not on my ring finger. Anyone????

Posted by: Bethany on April 4, 2007 08:26 PM

I just developed the same problem with my wedding ring about a month ago. I left the ring off for the last 3 weeks and let my finger heal then yesterday I put it back on for maybe 4 hours and when I took it off last night, my finger blistered right back up :(
My doctor is recommending I switch to either a Titanium or Tungsten Carbide ring. Titanium contains the least amount of nickel and the bonding properties of the Titanium keep the nickel from being released onto your skin which is what happens as gold gets worn down. Tungsten is even harder than Titanium and is 100% hypoallergenic to people with nickel sensitivity. The downside to Tungsten is that it can't be resized so if you gain/lose weight you might have to buy a new ring.

Posted by: Cheryl O on May 2, 2007 08:36 AM

YES..ditto here also. I wore my wedding ring for 10 years and just starting getting this red itchy blistery rash also. Sounds like Rebecca the poster above this a few hit the nail on the head. I found that by treating my finger with anti itch and boiling the ring for 5 minutes every week has done the trick.

Posted by: Lisa on June 2, 2007 10:13 AM

I'm worried about boiling my rings. I too have the dreaded rash from my white gold engagement and wedding rings. Will boiling the rings losen the stones?
I too am willing to try almost anything at this point.

Posted by: Catherine on July 1, 2007 03:44 PM

I have had the same problem as all of you. I wore my wedding rings for 21 years with no problems. Then I got an anniversary ring with the holes behind the diamonds. I was able to wear it for about a year before I had the rash, blisters, itching, and redness. I decided to try some of the advice on this site and put them peroxide this morning. They bubbled for over 20 minutes and chunks came out of the holes. THen I boiled them for about 5 minutes. I haven't put them back on yet, as I am going to wait for some of my redness to go away first. I will keep you posted and hopefully this helps.

Posted by: krista on July 4, 2007 09:07 AM

Boiling the rings has not loosened the stones in either my wedding band or my engagement ring. I have been boiling/steaming for 1-2 minutes every 3 or 4 months since March of 2006 and have not had a recurrence of the problem. As soon as I feel even the slightest itch of my ring fingers, I repeat the process & that has been enough to keep the rash, etc away.

Posted by: Rebecca on July 15, 2007 08:57 PM

I thought my rash was because I put on weight during my 2 pregnancies and had to get my wedding ring cut off. Then I was worried that it was psychological because it was my wedding rings. My husband teasing me that we mustn't be meant for each other if my wedding and engagement ring were doing this to me didn't help! I am having trouble getting the healing to happen as my hands are in and out of water all day due to 2 babies to look after. The chemist gave me sigmacort cream but I can only put it on at night and it seems to dry my skin out more and then the skin splits and won't heal again. Any suggestions on healing it when my hands are wet so much through the day?? Once my hand has healed I am going to try boiling the rings, not even bother wearing them during the day when at home as my hands are washed constantly during the day. I think the moisture has a lot to do with it as it started in winter.

Posted by: Carol on July 21, 2007 03:54 PM

I have been wearing my platinum engagement ring for 3 months and in the past few days have noticed this "ring rash". However, I wear a white gold ring on my right hand. I am a cook and do wear my rings at work. My "right hand ring" (which I have worn in the kitchen for 3 years) has never given me this problem. I do not wear my engagement ring in the shower (I know, I know, but I wear it to work) but keep the right hand one on. This was all so confusing, until I found this website. My mom suggested Contact Dermatitis. I'm going to try NOT wearing it to work for a while (though I might consider a new career if I can't wear my ring) and see how that works out. Anyway, THANK YOU for all of your suggestions!!!!!

Posted by: Sarah on July 23, 2007 04:54 PM

It is interesting to reading how so many people have experienced "ring rash". I have been wearing my grandmother's ring which are around 40 yrs old for years now. I have had this problem off and on for a couple of years regardless the season, but I thought it might have been because of certain foods I eat. I have done the peroxide before and that helped, but I never boiled them...I'll try that today. I have used an anitbiotic ointment whenever the rash would flare up and that seems to help. And whenever I wash my hands, I try to dry my hands off real good and reapply the ointment to that spot. Anyway, I'm glad I stumbled on to this site. Thanks for the suggestions and I hope you will find a resolution that will work for you.

Posted by: Tee on July 29, 2007 09:43 AM

I tried boiling and steaming my rings back in July. It truly does work! I have worn my rings every day, non-stop, and I have not had anymore itching, redness, or the little blisters. What an easy solution. I suggest every one try this before they go to extreme measures! Hopefully, it will work for you!

Posted by: Krista waller on August 6, 2007 07:08 PM

I am so glad I found this website! I too have had my platinum wedding bands on for 3 years. I moved from CA to FL, and this horrible itchy red rash appeared under my rings. I have noticed a "mildew" type smell to the rings, even with professional cleaning. Was it the humidity? Could it be because I wash my hands a lot at work (soap irritation)? I am a nurse practitioner, and I wasn't sure...contact dermatitis or fungal infection? I have tried cortisone and antifungal cream with no relief! I am going to try the peroxide and boiling and hope for the best. Wearing my rings on a necklace is for the birds!!!

Posted by: Michelle Cornell on September 15, 2007 07:35 PM

Has anyone thought about comfort fit bands trapping more water and the web of the finger on the right side towards the middle finger is higher so there is less room for the water to flow out. I have been also having problems and have found that this is probably the case with me, I am testing the theory now.

Posted by: mrs g. on September 23, 2007 02:42 PM

I am curious if all of us have comfort fit rings? The reason I ask this is because I also got it on the right side of my ring, and once reading all of this, I think for me, the water is getting trapped and since the webbing of our fingers (on right side between the ring and middle finger) is higher, thus the left side allows the water to have hair so to speak. What do you guys think? Maybe our weight has changed and the ring is just a tad bit tighter which constricts the room on that side where it is just a tad bit more limited in space?

Posted by: mrs g. on September 24, 2007 01:57 PM

In response to the above poster who asked about the fit of the rings, I'd have to say that the rash, blisters, itchiness that I experienced (before I started briefly boiling/steaming my rings every few months) was not specific to a particular side of my fingers. Again, I'd strongly recommend you try the boiling/steaming method. It's simple & it works!

Posted by: Rebecca on September 25, 2007 04:46 PM

In response to the above poster who asked about the fit of the rings, I'd have to say that the rash, blisters, itchiness that I experienced (before I started briefly boiling/steaming my rings every few months) was not specific to a particular side of my fingers. Again, I'd strongly recommend you try the boiling/steaming method. It's simple & it works!

Posted by: Rebecca on September 25, 2007 04:46 PM

This website is great! I had the same problem with my white gold weddign ring, and once I read that it might be an allergy to the metal in the ring, I was really upset. I've only been married 3 months, and didn't want to stop wearing it, or change the metal. Once I found this website, I decided to try the easiest solution first...soak the ring in 3% hydrogen peroxide and blistex my finger. I soaked my ring for about a half hour a couple days in a row. The rash was gone in 4 days! It must have been a fungus allergy, and not a metal allergy. Thank goodness! I may have gotten a new ring and had the same problem.

Posted by: Jamie on October 4, 2007 07:57 AM

I'm glad that I found this website also. I've been having the same redness and irritation from my wedding band. It's platinum with channel set diamonds. After finding this website yesterday and reading your comments I contacted our jeweler. Like Michelle, I'm also a nurse practitioner and wondered if the redness was due contact dermatitis or was fungus related. I've tried neosporin, hydrocortisone, and antifungal creams with some relief but my skin kept getting irritated. My jeweler suggested that the culprit is not the platinum on my ring, but the holes that hold my diamonds in place. Although I clean my rings well, bacteria is still getting caught in those small holes causing skin irritation and redness. He suggested heating about 4-6 ounces of Windex with ammonia for 30-60 seconds in the microwave and placing my rings in the hot solution to soak until it cools. He recommends that I do this everyday. Once I my finger heals I will give this a try. Wish me luck. Hope it works for you too !

Posted by: Nicki Ahles-Moses on October 14, 2007 04:36 AM

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one out there that has this same problem. My wedding set is 14k gold and I never had any problems with it before I got pregnant. First I thought it was just the pregnacy but after I had my daughter I still was getting the rash off and on, then I had my son and I still have the problem. I'm so fustrated with my ring. I love my ring but I started looking for another ring online. I hope I can find one that does not give me a rash! Everyone wish me luck!!

Posted by: Shannon on October 29, 2007 12:46 PM

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one out there that has this same problem. My wedding set is 14k gold and I never had any problems with it before I got pregnant. First I thought it was just the pregnacy but after I had my daughter I still was getting the rash off and on, then I had my son and I still have the problem. I'm so fustrated with my ring. I love my ring but I started looking for another ring online. I hope I can find one that does not give me a rash! Everyone wish me luck!!

Posted by: Shannon on October 29, 2007 12:46 PM

I too have this ring issue. I have a gold ring that I have been wearing well the engagement ring for almost 7 years and the wedding band that locks to it for 6 years.

My problem is that when it fliars up I take it off and wear the ring on my right hand where I have no issues, but if I put it back on the left hand I break out within a day or so.

Has anyone else had this problem? I only seem to read about people with issues on their wedding ring finger, but nothing about trying to wear it on the other hand.

Feel free to e-mail me personally as I don't want to have to buy a new ring. My husband picked this one for me and therefore it means the world to me.

Donna Petutie2@aol.com

Posted by: Donna on November 4, 2007 05:52 PM

I have just came down with this same rash. In my previous marriage I wore a gold thicker band and a traditional solitaire diamond in a Tiffany mount and never had a problem, then 4 years later I remarry, get a georgous platinum ring with chennel set band and just about 3.5 years later I break out with my first rash EVER. I can not figure out what it could be from. I have not changed anything except my night time face cream. I have since taken off my rings, which were red, flaky, welted and blistery. The blisters have since went away since taking off the rings (sad face) but the raw red skin is still itching. Uhghhhh. What to do? I will try boiling them and try again once it heals and see if that helps. My husband admitted that he did get it out of a gumball machine and to take it back. He is so funny!!!! He really did say to take it into our reputable jeweler and see what the problem could be, but it sounds like it isn't the platinum, but my skin that has the issue. How old are all of you? Maybe it is our "chemical change" affecting our ring finger. ha ha By the way, I am ONLY 37!

Posted by: Rachelle on January 6, 2008 05:16 PM

TITANIUM BANDS - they are not as pretty as traditional wedding rings but Titanium bands will work, sorry - no stones and can't be sized...you must order in correct size..worth a try they are not expensive either....if you must wear the rings you have a really good goldsmith can solder to the inside of your ring shank a high karat yellow (18kt 22kt) plan band (thin) this would insulate your high nickle ring from your finger...worth a try....

Posted by: DENNIS on January 22, 2008 06:29 PM

Okay so after reading I was not alone (feeling somewhat better) with this weird ring rash.

Background: wedding set is platinum have had platinum for 1 1/2 years (snug fit, I like them that way), first platinum piece. No previous metal allergies, can wear white gold, silver, yellow gold, no problem (can't wear 10kt in the ears though). I developed the same rash you all speak of. At first I thought it was the soap at work since that had changed, or the new medication I started, could still be I don't know.

I didn't have any hydrogen peroxide, so I boiled some vinager in the microwave put the rings in let them soak, rinsed really well with hot water and dishwasher soap, then I put the rings in a metal tea strainer and boiled them for a couple minutes in water with a drop of laundry detergent. The rings came out soooo sparkly like new!!! (Guess they really needed it) I put them back on and will report back. I used some liquid bandage on the open blisters. I really hope this works since I love my rings. I am considering switching to 14kt white gold if this doesn't work, but I tend to turn white gold back to yellow in about a month, so I would have to get it replated with Rhodium often. Keeping my fingers crossed.....

Posted by: Jackie on January 25, 2008 09:06 PM

Okay so after reading I was not alone (feeling somewhat better) with this weird ring rash.

Background: wedding set is platinum have had platinum for 1 1/2 years (snug fit, I like them that way), first platinum piece. No previous metal allergies, can wear white gold, silver, yellow gold, no problem (can't wear 10kt in the ears though). I developed the same rash you all speak of. At first I thought it was the soap at work since that had changed, or the new medication I started, could still be I don't know.

I didn't have any hydrogen peroxide, so I boiled some vinager in the microwave put the rings in let them soak, rinsed really well with hot water and dishwasher soap, then I put the rings in a metal tea strainer and boiled them for a couple minutes in water with a drop of laundry detergent. The rings came out soooo sparkly like new!!! (Guess they really needed it) I put them back on and will report back. I used some liquid bandage on the open blisters. I really hope this works since I love my rings. I am considering switching to 14kt white gold if this doesn't work, but I tend to turn white gold back to yellow in about a month, so I would have to get it replated with Rhodium often. Keeping my fingers crossed.....

Posted by: Jackie on January 25, 2008 09:06 PM

Same problem after 2.5 years, platinum rings with "holes" underneath. The only thing I have noticed that may have triggered this is the fact that I have gained weight and my rings are tighter. I do wash my hands a lot, so I figured it was a combo of water/bacteria plus the tightness. I did soak the rings in vinegar and used cortosone which cleared it up in a couple of days. It still came back shortly after.

So my question is; has anyone else gained weight prior to rash? Is our only option to remove the rings more often & when washing?

Posted by: Lisa on June 27, 2008 07:48 AM

I have not had a problem with my 14K gold rings nor with my platinum rings since March 2006 when I began to periodically (every 3 months or so) boil/steam my rings in plain tap water for 1-2 minutes. This has really been a great success since previously I saw dermatologists & tried creams, lotions, steroids, non-steroids, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, etc & none of them worked to cure the rash/blisters/itching/oozing for any extensive period of time.

Posted by: Rebecca on July 2, 2008 11:26 AM

I too have the ring rash, and from my research I have learned that it is the nickel that is in the gold that breaks us out. Now for you Platinum ring wearers, have your ring checked as it may have nickel in it even though you thought it was solid. Cheaper platinum rings have nickel in them and it is the nickel that brings the rash as well as when moisture gets under the ring I read that it could create yeast. Sure enough I put some Monistat on the rash and in a few hours it is allot better. So many of you could just have yeast. My solution was to soak my ring in bleach to kill any microscopic traces of yeast and then took a cotton ball and put the bleach on the finger and then the Monistat cream and my finger healed in 2 days. The other suggestion I read was to re-dip the 14K white gold rings in Rhodium. So I am going to do that next week and will let all you white gold wearers know if that worked.

Posted by: Kim on July 14, 2008 04:31 PM

I started getting a ring rash right after I had my son.. I thought it was a hormonal thing but he is now one and I'm still having the problem. As soon as I put my platinum band on (stamped PT 950) I start feeling a tingling sensation and then within hours I have itchy painful blisters. It is so frustrating that I can't wear my wedding ring which I wore for 4 years without any problems. I'm so excited to try the peroxide cleaning.. I really hope it works!!

Posted by: Lisa on September 19, 2008 06:59 PM

I have had the ring rash off and on for about 1 year, after purchasing a new set of yellow gold wedding ring set, then returning after 3 months for white gold. Prior to this, never had any rash with my yellow gold band for 20 years. I have gone to the doctor several times,was given creme, shot for the itching, was told to purchase 18kt gold or greater or platinum ring. Was also told that the ring was retaining moisture from the hand washing which helps to activate the nickel. So what I decided to do was wear ring on other hand and make sure I remove it when washing hands or make sure ring is dry before putting it back on. There is no rash on this other hand(about a month and half now) and I ocassionally put it back on ring hand, no more blisters or rash. I am waiting for my ring finger to completely heal than I will wear it all the time on this hand, just take it off when washing hands, showering....water...moisture. Hope this help someone. I saw on the internet about some type of liquid coating made to put on rings, never used it but I am thinking about that too..Have anyone used something like this other than nail polish. (The only other solution I was thinking about was to buy platinum rings, but I see now that may not be the answer neither.)

Posted by: Della on December 3, 2008 02:00 PM

Hi Everyone,
Like many of you it was comforting for me to find that so many people had similar reactions to their rings. I had worn my platinum engagement ring for 5 months with no problem. After combining it with my platinum wedding band for 3 weeks I started developing that red, itchy rash and my finger even swelled up to the point where it was difficult to take them off. Just last week I enlarged my rings 1 full size thinking maybe the combination of the 2 rings was too snug and causing this reaction. Unfortunately the rash just came back again. I'm a nurse and am constantly washing my hands so it it merely impossible to take my rings off during every hand wash. I will try this peroxide and boiling method...it's reassuring to know that it has worked for so many! Thanks!!

Posted by: Erina on January 22, 2009 10:56 AM

I have been wearing my engagement ring for 3 years and my wedding bands for 2 now.. I had no problem then became pregnant and had my baby when I started wearing my rings again things were fine for a few months then like everyone else I noticed the rash. I worked in a hospital and asked a dr about it, he said it was probably an allergy. I asked my jeweler who is a long time friend what to do.. like someone else suggested, she said clear fingernail polish.. I do not want to do this because my rings were very expensive and I think it would be crazy to do that and besides the polish is going to flake off and I don't want it to look like my rings came out the bubble gum machine...Has anyone tried or been suggested to try rhodium plating their rings?? If so, do you still have the rash??? I am hopeless!! HELP!

Posted by: Heather on February 19, 2009 05:58 PM

I also applied anti-fungal to my ring rash and it has begun to heal and is now merely dry and scaly but no longer red and itchy. I also soaked my rings in white vinegar and peroxide and then in boiling water for a few minutes and have begun wearing them again with no issues. I now take them off at night and when I wash my hands as I do believe the problem developed due to soap scum getting caught below the tiny diamonds on my wedding began. I think my wedding band became a feeding ground for fungus and fortunately the above has gotten rid of it. I plan to use the peroxide/vigear wash every couple of months.

Posted by: Sarah on February 28, 2009 10:18 AM

I had some rings sized up at Jewelry Warehouse,these rings never bothered me before. Now where the rings sit on my fingers, my entire space- of where the ring sits...is turning my finger black. So, when i take off my rings...my fingers are black, these are 14 k yellow gold rings, some that I have had for years. What is going on?? I clean and polish my rings, and they are not cheap. Someone please send me an e-mail, so I wull know what to do.

Posted by: Janet on April 26, 2010 10:18 AM