November 08, 2003


The church where I work has adopted a town called Kisi in Kenya. The church set out to raise $30,000 to help this town build a water system. Currently, to get clean water, the women and girls of the town have to walk four hours round trip every day, carrying water on their heads.

Not only did this church raise $30,000, they raised over $45,000 in two months! The leader of the fundraising effort told me that, by the time they're done, they anticipate raising $60,000, twice what they set as their goal. This will provide clean water for thousands of people who we have never met.

Apparently, it is very difficult to call the United States from Kisi. The fundraising leader over there (the community has been working on this water system for some time themselves) tried several times to call our church to no avail. We wondered if something had gone wrong with the project. Finally, he got through.

The Kenyans had heard about the fires in California. They had been anxious to find out if we were all okay.

I like living in a small world.

Posted by Meredith at November 8, 2003 08:04 PM
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