September 19, 2003

behavior modification

I received this email earlier in the day from a friend. I have forwarded it on to my printer. I am hoping that it does the trick.

The message reads:

Dear Meredith's Printer and associated print software and print utilities:

Please be good to Meredith. Please print all of her print needs quickly, cleanly and without error messages.

Meredith is on a very important mission at CUMC-HMB and she needs all of the support she can get, even from machines!

Meredith is a very good person. Be good to her and she will be good to you.

If you work well for her, she will repay you by regularly restocking you with fresh, unwrinkled paper for a jam-free experience, AND she will also give you access to a virtual fountain of youth by replenishing you with new waters of colored inks so that you will function as well as you did in your youth!

To paraphrase the Blues Brothers, Meredith is on a mission from God.

Thank you.

Posted by Meredith at September 19, 2003 12:27 AM
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