April 01, 2003

Why I love Point Reyes

Hello again, gentle readers. I'm back. And, while I'm sure that nothing would be more interesting to you than the sturm und drang of my life these past three months, I will instead write about this past weekend.

So sue me.

Mike and I just got back from a weekend getaway to Point Reyes. We ate yummy popovers at our favorite restaurant. Mike got to see whales for the first time ever. (They were gray and spouty. Also, they were headed down to Baja for the summer. I want to be a whale). We saw California sea otters frolicking in the waves, and baby elephant seals making an awkward transition from land to sea.

On Sunday, we hiked to the top of Mount Wittenberg, where we sat under a tree with some wild lilies for a picnic. Mike's legs are still sore. Mine are not. Maybe mine are just always sore, so one more strenuous hike didn't really matter. Who knows.

My overall reaction to the weekend was that, when we were alone (i.e. more than 1000 feet off the parking lot of the national park), I had a great time. When there were millions of other people around, I started to panic in a way I hadn't felt since my last trip to Walmart.

Perhaps all these years of living with an introvert have affected me after all.

Posted by Meredith at April 1, 2003 12:20 PM
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