August 04, 2002

Treasure trove

The cleaning projects continued today. Mike actually took down the sheets from the office window that had been there for THREE YEARS and put up some blinds. They look awesome, but now I know where we got the expression, "You swear like a software engineer."

While Mike increased his word power, I went to work on more closets and bookshelves. Today's finds include:

-- a ceramic bell shaped like an owl
-- photos Mike took with the camera he got for his 12th birthday (note to Dodds: these are the _only_ family pictures we have. Honest. I still say y'all need to talk to Lin about that).
-- The book review I wrote in college of Other People's Children before I started teaching other people's children. I'm still not sure what I think of Lisa Delpit.
-- my planning notebook from my student teaching year at Wilcox
-- the handpainted stone I received from Peninsula Women's Chorus after my first year singing with them
-- additional framed copies of the portrait Mike took for the 1997 directory at church
-- copies of the Gunn High School Oracle, the Yale Daily News, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, and the Fiji Times, all bearing significant dates

And, last but not least,

-- the dessert menu which cleverly disguised a copy of Mike's proposal of marriage

This is why cleaning out closets is my job. Somehow, I don't think Mike had quite as much fun with the blinds. . .

Posted by Meredith at August 4, 2002 11:10 PM
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